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Most Efficient Healers in Anime That Saved The Day Countless Times

Most Efficient Healers In Anime
Most Efficient Healers In Anime

Seeing healers in anime are not uncommon. As there are several fascinating powers, and one of these powers is the power of Healing. Anime characters who have healing powers are usually overlooked by fans. It’s not the type of power that goes to the protagonists, and it isn’t as Savage as using three swords in a fight. All the healers in anime have a reputation for being passive and weak. They are considered to be the people who can’t fight.

While some anime healers keep themselves away from the battle, that’s also essential as their role is so critical to the outcome of a battle that they have to prioritize their safety to protect others in a critical situation. Several Great Fighters have the healing power as a bonus, like Giorno in Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Tsunade in Naruto, and many more. Since each one of these powers works differently, Today, we’ll be counting some of the most Efficient healers in anime history. However, this is not a ranking, and the order of the names mentioned is Random.

1. Tsunade – Naruto

Tsunade is easily one of the most powerful Sannin in the whole Naruto series, with the most efficient power of healing. Due to her powers and intuition, she has played a vital role in the Third and Fourth Shinobi wars.
Tsunade - healers in anime


She uses the Strength of a Hundred Technique, which has a continuous and automatic effect that will heal any damage that its user sustains. Along with that, she can also heal the injuries of several other people. This is why she even managed to help the injured villagers of Konoha after the Invasion of Pain.

2. Recovery Girl – My Hero Academia

Recovery Girl has a unique character design which made her even more noticeable for me. She is a school nurse at U.A. High School, and her presence is vital. She possesses the quirk ‘Heal,’ which allows her to heal injuries and illnesses. It enables her to amplify as well as speed up the human healing process of the injured by kissing them.
Recovery Girl -healers in anime

Recovery Girl

Although She can’t fix everything, given a person’s immune system is too weak, then her quirk wouldn’t help much, and she can’t force it too hard either, or else she might even cause more damage. Despite this drawback, Recovery Girl stands alone as the only character cause of whom the heroes can participate in intense training exercises which might even come at the cost of their lives. She enables the heroes to go on without getting any permanent damage.

3. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

Orihime is the single character in Bleach who possesses a wide variety of fascinating abilities derived from Shun Shun Rikka. It’s a flower-shaped hairpin that has the power to summon different combinations of spirits. One of these combinations enables her to use a technique known as “Soten Kisshun”. This power of hers can reject or nullify any undesirable events.
Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue

This power is noteworthy as it allows her to be a healer. If an ally is injured, she can reject or even negate that injury, which will be as if the person never had that injury, to begin with.  This power isn’t just limited to healing as it can be used for attack and defense as well, depending on Orihime’s determination which directly influences the actual potential of her powers.

4. Giorno Giovanna – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Giorno Giovanna’s healing abilities come from his stand, Gold Experience Requiem. This stand keeps the potential to create all kinds of life. This includes growing trees or even creating living animals like mice and frogs. As Giorno’s abilities evolve towards the end of the series, he discovers that he can use his stand to recreate human body parts, which includes organs, bones, as well as muscles, allowing him to easily heal fatal wounds and cure illnesses.
Giorno Giovanna - healers in anime

Giorno Giovanna

After he evolved his Stand into ‘Gold Experience Requiem,’ Giorno Giovanna became invincible, even stronger than Jotaro. (We won’t be getting into that since it’s a Debatable issue). He gets the capabilities to revert any damage sustained to the property of ‘zero’ – which works similar to Orihime’s powers as it erases the Injury itself as if it never existed.

5. Elizabeth – Nanatsu no Taizai

Elizabeth is shown as a reincarnation of the goddess ‘Elizabeth’. And since her title itself makes it clear, it’s not a surprise that Elizabeth Liones has strong healing powers. One of her abilities is called Invigorate, which allows her to heal any injury or illness that a person is suffering from. Her powers are not limited to healing one person at a time, as she can heal large groups of people at once and restore energy and stamina.


At the beginning of the season, she was still unaware of her powers. Even later on in the anime, she was not able to heal herself. However, when her memories returned in the series, she also regained her abilities with full potential. Her powers can even have the opposite effect on demons, particularly as her powers would only hurt them instead of healing them.

6. Akiko Yosano – Bungo Stray Dogs

In Bungo Stray Dogs, most of the members of ‘Armed Detective Agency’ possess some sort of ability. As for Akiko, her power, ‘Thou Shalt Not Die’ (which is a dope name), is an effective healing power that comes to fatal wounds. She sends out a bunch of glowing butterflies, and that instantly solves the problem. As simple as that.
Akiko Yosano

Akiko Yosano

However, one drawback of her power is the degree of fatal wounds a person has. Since mild injuries cannot be healed by her powers, her power activates only when the patient is close to passing out. This is the reason why she’s known to beat up her patients until their condition is fatal enough for her to start the healing process.
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