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Moshi Fanren Chapter 381: Release Date & Spoilers

Moshi Fanren

Five vs. Two begins with Moshi Fanren Chapter 381 with Zuo Taichen summoning three other friends to battle Pearless God. Moshi Fanren has been in this battle ever since Zuo Tachichen defeated the last monster from another world. From the latest Moshi Fanren Chapter, Pearlees God reminds Zuo and his crew that he is mistaken; it is Five vs. Two after unleashing another clone. God asks him why he brought all of his friends since he was running away. Xuan asks if they are not supposed to bring reinforcements or God is scared of them.

Pealess God begins to shake, realizes that he can’t defeat those humans alone, and decides to retreat. His clone also joined him as they ran away from the battle. Zuo Taichen and his friends block the path of God and begin to shower him with blows. God wonders why he has to be trapped and get smashed by humans. Zuo told him that they had to settle the scores since God started this acting All-Mighty. Zuo told his friends to kill the clone as he dealt with the real one. Xuan, Lin, Lao, Ren, and Yan get excited that they have to punish this bustard in front of them.

The clones ask them what they are doing since he is God and it is a sin to go against God. He wonders how dare humans do this to him. Xuan told God to fight and stop being a coward. God falls on his knees, and after ten minutes, God is on the ground with bruises all over his body. Xuan and the great are bored that God didn’t give them an entertaining fight, but his skin hurt hands when they attack. Zuo comments that they can strike the iron when it is still hot.

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren

Previously on Moshi Fanren Chapter 380

Zuo asks about Qi Lin and Ren Yan, and Xuan replies that they are guarding the entrance. Zuo reveals that it is his first time fighting in the Spiritual Space, but he has no clue how to kill God completely. But God has lost strength since his body is not recovering or reviving. God is trying to survive the blows that he suffered earlier. Zuo wonders if God’s mental power is exhausted. Xuan wonders if it is possible to assassinate God inside here. They realize that God might resurrect outside the Spiritual Space and rushes to land a killer blow to Zou Taichen’s main body.

The two wonder if God has other vessels that he can host by destroying his main body, and they need to destroy it until there is no trace. Xuan wonders if they can seal God since it is the better option to prevent the worst. Zuo wonders how they can seal God and Xuan explains the spiritual power and how powerful God is. But he is scared that five of them might fail to capture God. Xuan told Zuo not to worry since she had a plan for this. They decided to perform a ritual, and Xuan explained the task that each person would carry out.

After the explanation, they begin, and both raise their hands as they try to seal God. God’s inner conscious wakes up and wonders if these guys want to capture them. God told them that he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Xuan warns the team that God’s metal body still has the strength to fight back. God reminds them that he is supreme God and those spiritual powers belong to him, and he can’t die. He adds that he will revive sooner, and humans will worship him.

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren

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Moshi Fanren Chapter 381 Release Date

Moshi-Fanren Chapter 381 will be released on 22 September 2021. The new chapters of Moshi Fanren come out sometimes every day if the manga is taking a break by the following week. Four remaining chapters of the manga of this week will release until this Sunday. Moshi Fanren’s new chapters will get updated during the week. Pearless God vs. Humana continues in the next chapter of Moshi Fanren.

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