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Moshi Fanren Chapter 380: Release Date & Spoilers

Moshi Fanren
Moshi Fanren

Godship: A Perles God appearance begins with Moshi Fanren Chapter 380 with Zuo fistfighting this new creature. Moshi Fanren reveals a warrior who has recently revived to fight against various emerging monsters from the underworld. From the latest Moshi Fanren, Zuo Taichen’s crew arrived at his location and found that he was unconscious. They try to wake him, but they realize that he is deep in slumber, but his other version in another world fight with the monster. Luo wonders what has happened to Zuo. Fei replies that Zuo is in a coma, and Xuan-Xuan tells the two to move aside.

Xuan-Xuan tried to feel Zuo and discovered that Zuo’s mind got sealed. Fei asks how they can help Zuo. Xuan-Xuan reveals that Zuo might have met with a strong psychic interference and his focus is on a psychic battle. Ren realizes that Zuo was fighting with that “God” and wonders why only Zuo is lying on the ground. Xuan-Xuan agrees that she can see battle marks around, and God might have vanished after Zuo gets tired. They realize that they can only destroy their soul and consciousness but not the body.

Xuan-Xuan felt something and told the team that she could feel two powers within Zuo that were clashing. God has entered Zuo’s body, trying to take over his body. Xuan decided to help Zuo after realizing that Zuo wouldn’t stand a chance and his body will get possessed by God. Xuan told the crew that she is entering Zuo’s body since that God is a high-tier psychic user. She uses her ability to open the path that leads her to the inner world battlefield. The door opens, and Xuan enters the new world.

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Previously on Moshi Fanren Chapter 379

Xuan realizes that her abilities are locked when she steps in and can fight using bare hands. God landed a massive slape that drew Xuan’s attention, and she noticed that is the guy they had to defeat. God laughs at Zuo, who feels dizzy, and comments that he won’t stand much longer. Zuo is ready to take any blows, but he is serving. God thinks that he lands clean few hits, he will send Zuo to sleep. Zuo reminds God that he has advantages, and God wonders what this guy is saying since he going down.

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren

Zuo saw Xuan behind God, who is not aware that the battle is now 2v1. Xuan shouted at God and said Zuo was talking about her. God is surprised where this girl is coming from and receives a huge slap that changes his face. God rolls and falls far away from the two. Zuo is glad that Xuan is her, and Xuan tells him that she is a Tier Four Evolver. But she can only help him in this territory. Zuo faced God and told her that they could attack. They landed double body strikes followed by Zuo’s flying knees.

God realizes that this lady is B from Loong Hua City. Xuan gets angry after hearing that God is calling her the B-word. She locks God into an armbar and breaks his arm. God can’t believe a woman broke his arm; Zuo teased God that a weakling would never fall for that armlock. Zuo jumps and comments that he watched WWE, and here come those moves from WWE. The two begin to punish God using wrestling moves. God remarks that he is God, and he will prevail. Zuo summoned his friends and said it is now five against one.

Moshi Fanren

Still from manga.

Moshi Fanren Chapter 380 Release Date

Moshi Fanren Chapter 380 will be released on 18 September 2021. The new chapters of Moshi Fanren sometimes release a few times a week, and the last chapter of this week will release this Sunday. Moshi Fanren new chapters get updated every three to four days during weekdays, and the last ones are released on Sundays. Five against one brawl is about to begin as Zuo, and his crew decided to defeat God in the next chapter. Let’s meet when Moshi Fanren returns.

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