Moro To Surpass Gods In ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

Dragon Ball Super manga has been teasing with every chapter just how powerful Moro is than the protagonists Goku and Vegeta. We have seen in recent chapters that Moro is just dominating the duo. Vegeta used up all his powers and was shocked to see that Moro is just not stopping or slowing down.

Later it was revealed that Moro has the ability to absorb the life-force of even planets and can use it as his energy source. Moro isn’t a new character born but an ancient one reborn. He has come to Namek in order to gain control of the Dragon Balls. Moro can literally suck a planet dry and use its energy for himself.

He can suck the super Saiyan energy from his opponents which he has been doing. Vegeta was shocked when he was not able to turn into his super Saiyan mode just because he had no energy left to do that. The case had been that Moro was the one who had been absorbing all his super Saiyan energy all along.

This new villain is a predator and in front of a character like this, even Goku along with Vegeta might not be enough to defeat him. We have seen Moro in a flashback dating millions of years ago battling a god named Daikaioh. So, how was Moro defeated in the past? It does seem that this guy is undefeatable right? Well, the reason was revealed by Moro himself in the last chapter.

He said that there was no one powerful enough to match him in his era and that the great lord stole his abilities. Yes, you heard me right stole his abilities.

moro true power

This means that the only way that Goku and Vegeta can stop these mad creatures destruction is by somehow stealing his abilities just like millions of years ago Daikaioh did. But this clearly means that even a godly character who has godly power just couldn’t defeat Moro head-on as he had to steal his abilities to nullify Moro.

This means that Moro is even powerful than the Gods themselves. As we know after defeating any enemy, Goku wants to surpass his own limits. Well, I know that Goku has surpassed numerous limits thus far but how can he surpass a character like Moro who even he can’t defeat head-on and might have to steal his abilities in order to defeat him.

This has raised many eyebrows in the Dragon Ball Super universe. It is quite astonishing how Dragon Ball manga is able to introduce more powerful characters with every arc. So, what are your thoughts on Moro being even mighty than the Gods?

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