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‘Moonshine’ CBC Filming Locations: Where Is The Canadian Drama Shot?

Moonshine CBC Filming Locations: Where Is The Canadian Drama Shot?
Moonshine CBC Filming Locations: Where Is The Canadian Drama Shot?

What if your parents told you that they are thinking about retiring and that sweet business of theirs is up for grabs? You would definitely hop onto that opportunity. But wait, you have siblings who also have as much of a chance as you to inherit it. And thus the battle begins, the battle of who is worthy. Just like that little story, the new Canadian drama-comedy ‘Moonshine’ by CBC is just that but with a little bit of twist. It is all about the battle between the half-siblings as to who should be the rightful heir to the family business. In this article, we will be talking about the Moonshine CBC filming location. Along with that, we would also be discussing about its plot and story so far.

The story of the Moonshine revolves around the dysfunctional Finley-Cullens family of half-siblings and their parents. Ken and Bea decided to retire from the business. They have an ancestral business of summer resort by the name of Moonshine. Now, the resort itself may not be great, and the only people who visit the small town are a bunch of weird tourists. However, now that the folks are deciding to retire, each and every sibling thinks that they deserve the resort more than the other. But within that very same family lies a secret that can potentially break the family apart for good. With the eldest sister inheriting a large chunk of the resort, each and every single one of the siblings are at battle with each other, and the winner can only be one. Without any further ado, let’s look at Moonshine filming locations.

Moonshine Cast And The Story So Far

The new CBC drama-comedy, Moonshine, is all set for season 1 with 8 episodes in the bank. You can check out the complete list of episodes along with other details in an article that we wrote right here. The cast for this new series is really great, like each and every character is suits their role perfectly. First, we have Jennifer Finnigan playing the role of Lidia, the eldest sister. The role of her blood sister Nora Finley-Cullens is played by Emma Hunter. Next, we have half-sister Rhian, played by Anastasia Phillips. Then we have her twin brother Ryan played by Tom Stevens. Also, we have the youngest sibling who is adopted, Sammy, played by Alexander Nunez. There are other cast members too, but these are the ones who you are going to see the most of.

Moonshine CBC Filming Locations: Where Is The Canadian Drama Shot?

From left- Rhian, Sammy, Nora, Ryan, and Lidia in CBC drama-comedy Moonshine

Moonshine was released on September 14, 2021, and we already have three episodes out. The story so far is that Lidia comes over from New York for her aunt’s funeral, who was the owner of the Moonshine. Some are happy to see her while others, well, let’s just say that they are not as happy as others. In her will, she left the Moonshine resort to her ‘least hated niece’, Lidia. Upon hearing this, the one who was most disappointed and angry was Rhian. She had every right to be angry because while Lidia was pursuing her dreams and starting a family in a big city, Rhian was here taking care of the Moonshine resort. Thus, the battles begin.

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Moonshine CBC Filming Locations

The entirety of Moonshine was filmed in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is one of the thirteen provinces of Canada. Fun fact, Hubbards is an unincorporated rural community that is just on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. For those who don’t know what unincorporated means, it is a land or a region not governed by local government/municipal authorities. Yet, it falls under a larger region or township. The whole series is basically filmed in Canada.

Moonshine CBC Filming Locations: Where Is The Canadian Drama Shot?

Moonshine resort

The whole story of Moonshine takes place in the fictional town of Foxton. It is a very quiet town. There are very few tourists who visit this town. But whoever does visit the town ends up staying in the Moonshine resort. It is a very old resort. Looking from afar, it may look great, but one close look and one can fear that the whole resort might collapse anytime, even with a slightly powerful punch or a push. However, the siblings won’t stop fighting over it to prove their own worth and emerge victoriously.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

This new CBC drama-comedy, Moonshine, is a really great watch. The first three episodes themselves showed us what’s next in store for this amazing series. You have to be okay with occasional barfing and gross fluids because we got to see some of it, and who knows how many more such shots we are going to get. Jokes aside, this is a truly amazing series, and the story itself looks and feels intriguing. It has hooked us as to what can be the big secret that only Sammy knows and how bad can it be? We are just as excited as you guys are. Until then, keep binging, keep reading with us at Otakukart.

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