Moonbin Net Worth: How Rich Is The ASTRO Singer?

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Moonbin Net Worth
Moonbin Net Worth

With his recent comeback, Moonbin of ASTRO is all over the internet. Teaming up with fellow member Sanha, the idol is topping the charts all over the world with their album ‘REFUGE’. Wanting to know more about the idol, fans have been looking on the internet. From net worth to how it all started for Moonbin. Fans want to know everything. And it is kind of hard to resist Moonbin as he has a carefree and joyful personality that everyone loves. Making his debut with the boy group ASTRO, the idol has come a long way.

Whenever Moonbin talks about his life as an idol trainee, he always wishes to change things. During his trainee period, the idol was not confident of the charms and skills he hold and always doubted himself. Not sure if he’d be able to fit in as an idol, Moonbin even fell into a slump. But making his debut and getting all the love and support from the fandom, the idol is very much sure about the difference he makes. And swears to never doubt himself ever again.

Moonbin Net Worth
Moonbin Net Worth: If it wasn’t on becoming an idol, Moonbin would’ve been would have been an athlete or a swimmer

Trusting himself more, Moonbin is working on being more confident and putting out work that makes himself and his fans happy. He is serving as the main dancer and vocalist of  ASTRO. Having the perks, he’s also best friends with BTS’ Jungkook, iKON’s Chanwoo, SF9’s Chani, and GFriend’s SinB.

From A Supporting Actor To A Popular K-pop Idol: A Look At Moonbin’s Career

While Moonbin made his debut as an idol in 2016, the idol has been in the entertainment industry quite for a while. Starting out as an actor, Moonbin was a part of the 2009 k-drama classic Boys Over Flower as a supporting role. He played the younger version of the character played by actor Kim Bum. And even before that, the idol has been working as a child actor and model. In 2004, he debuted as a child model and filmed a Samsung CF. Wanting to pursue a career in music, the idol ended up becoming a trainee at Fantiago Entertainment. Passing the Fantagio iTeen’s Audition’s 2012, he started out as a model and idol trainee.

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And even after starting out as a k-pop idol, he was pretty active in the acting scene. He’s been a part of k-dramas like “To Be Continued” (2015), “At Eighteen” (2019), “Soul Plate” (2019), “The Mermaid Prince” (2020), and “The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” (2020). Being one of the most talented idols out there, the talent runs in Moonbin’s family. His sister Moon Soo Ah used to be a trainee in YG Entertainment. She even showcased her talent on Unpretty Rapstar: Season 2. In 2019, Moonbin had to take a hiatus for some time because of health issues. After undergoing a thorough examination at the hospital, the doctor suggested he take sufficient rest and treatment.

Moonbin Net Worth
Moonbin Net Worth: Moonbin and Sanha are on their comeback after one and a half years.

What Is The Net Worth of Moonbin?

Estimating Moonbin’s net worth, it falls somewhere around $2 million. On average, the idol earns around $346.4K – $458.4K every year. While music makes the major contribution to the idol’s bank account, he’s also very well versed in acting and modeling. Having more than a million followers on his social media accounts, Moonbin has also bagged a lot of endorsement deals with major brands in South Korea. In November 2021, Moonbin was also announced as the brand ambassador for Korean clothing brand Neikidnis.

Getting better from Covid-19, Moonbin made his comeback with Sanha on March 15, 2022. Releasing their second EP titles ‘REFUGE’, the idols are already topping the iTunes charts all over the world. As of now, more than 100,000 copies have been sold online. After making a very successful comeback, both Moonbin and Sanha are busy with promotions and performing on the comeback stages right now.

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