Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Review & Recap: Khonshu Won’t Leave Marc So Easily

Breaking Down Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring Khonshu & Mr. Knight

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 sees a number of things happening at the same time. From Marc/Steven coming back to life to Layla becoming an Avatar of another god. Lastly, the battle that was about to come. Last time on the show, Marc and Steven found themselves on a journey to the field of reeds. But before that, they had to come true to each other, or else they would be thrown off the boat to turn into a stone in the lands of Duat.

Thus, Steven and Marc’s journey of self-discovery began. Marc’s dark past became clear to Steven, and he also had to face the harsh truth that he is not the original one. Still, their hearts were balanced but only at the cost of losing Steven. The sixth Episode sees how Marc manages to come back to life while Harrow accomplishes his mission of summoning Ammit as the final battle ensues.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6, Harrow manages to attain the powers of Ammit. Eventually, he fights the gods and frees her. Amidst all of this, Tawaret guides Layla, who hides among Harrow’s men. She finds Khonshu’s ushabti and frees him. Khonshu wonders about Marc and offers Layla to be his next avatar, but she declines. This sees Khonshu going all on his own to fight Tawaret.

Events From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring Ammit

Meanwhile, in the field of reeds, Marc finds the peace he has been looking for. Marc acknowledges that Steven is the reason he managed to do this all. This leads him to go back to Duat to rescue his friend. Marc makes a speech and places a stone heart between their hands. Soon Steven turns back to normal along with Marc, and the gate to the land of living opens as well. But the duo of Marc and Steven had to make it there before a sandstorm fell on them.

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Marc and Steven make it, and eventually, Khonshu realizes the same. The duo negotiates with Khonshu to let them go after they have dealt with Harrow. Khonshu agrees, and Moon Knight comes to battle Harrow. Amidst all of this, Layla becomes the avatar of Tawaret.

While Moon Knight and Layla fight on the ground with Harrow and his men, Khonshu battles Ammit in the sky. Harrow manages to get the upper hand on Marc until Marc blacks out and wakes up to find he has already beaten Harrow and his men.

Ending Of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring Moon Knight & Harrow

According to Tawaret, Ammit should be trapped inside a human body to vanquish her. Marc does the same, but Khonshu demands to finish the job by killing Harrow. Marc believes there will be no difference between them and Ammit then. Thus he asks Khonshu to do it himself. Marc next wakes up in Steven’s house in London to close the Episode. The post-credit scene sees Khonshu finishing the job with Marc’s third personality Jake Lockley.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Review

The finale of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 turned out to be great when it comes to the action side of things. We saw an out-of-world battle between Khonshu and Ammit amidst Moon Knight and Layla’s battle with Harrow. But as things were good on the action side, the same wasn’t for the plot.

The sixth Episode came to answer a number of plots at the same time, and it felt like they tried to rush it instead of investing in them. For example, we would have loved to see more of how Marc/Steven came back to life or how Tawaret came to choose Layla as her next avatar. But it all happened in the same moment. Anyhow, the battle at the end was worth it.

Our Thoughts On Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring Jake Lockley

Lastly, the show finally addressed the third personality everyone was theorizing about, and the show itself was teasing. Since the very beginning of the show, there was always a hint that apart from Marc and Steven, there is someone else getting things done. Marc and Steven just didn’t know who.

On our side, we expected Jake Lockley to be the big surprise in the finale, but it seems like the show is keeping his story around for a possible second season as he appears in the post-credit scene. The show has managed to keep its promise by staying away from the major MCU storylines and building itself on its own. So if a second season happens, we will be looking forward to it.

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