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Moon Knight Kicks Off With A Solid First Episode

Moon Knight episode 1 review recap release date ending explained
Moon Knight is currently available to stream on Disney+

Marvel’s Disney+ miniseries Moon Knight has kicked off with a solid premiere. Episode 1 of Moon Knight follows the origin of this rather obscure-unitl-now superhero from the Marvel comics. From the flurry of teasers, trailers, and promotional material, we have already become quite versed with the Moon Knight’s background. However, abundant as the proto-premiere exposition has been, the first episode didn’t quite feel as redundant. Or at the very least, the other aspects of the episode outweighed the redundancy.

We all know that Steven Grant is the meek and clueless personality and Marc is the mercenary. However, seeing the dynamic between the two identities as well as between Steven and Khonshu was very amusing. Khonshu is a sassy god, and doesn’t take the identity switcheroo of Steven/Marc with a lot of fondness. Before we resume the review of the series premiere, let’s recapitulate all that went down in the episode 1 of Moon Knight. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Moon Knight

Moon Knight Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 opens with a prologue where a man who we know to be Arthur Harrow, drinks water from a glass. He then shatters the glass into small pieces and pour them inside his sandals. He then wears the sandals and walks off with his cane in his hand. After the MCU intro sequence, we see the protagonist, Steven Grant, wake up on his bed. With an expression of befuddlement on his face, he frees himself of the binding he likely imposed on his own legs. There’s sand surrounding his bed. Later in the epsiode, we learn that Steven suffers from lapses in his memory. Whenever he goes to sleep, his body moves on his own and he finds himself in a new place upon waking up. That’s why he always tries to stay awake.

Steven goes to work at the Ancient Egypt museum where he works as a gift-shop employee. His job involves him selling sweets to children, which is not something Steven is very keen on. His penchant is for the Egyptian artefacts and the gods, and the sarcophagus. Much to the chagrin of his superior Donna, Steven’s enthusiasm for tour guiding is not appreciated. Actually, nothing about Steven is appreciated at all, or acknowledged. The other employees have a hard time remembering his name properly. Except for one woman, who, much to the puzzlement of Steven, comes to remind him of the date they’re to go on very soon. We understand that Steven doesn’t remember making any such commitments at all. He agrees to come to the date, regardless.

Enter Marc, Khonshu & Arthur Harrow

At home, he tries to stay awake using various methods like solving a Rubik’s cube and reading stories. However, a momentary shutting of his eyes and he’s suddenly transported to an entirely different location. It seems he’s landed in a different country altogether, and it seems to be some Norwegian nation. As soon as he wakes up, he fixes his slightly misadjusted jaw. Another shocker comes when a non-corporeal voice speaks to him. This heavy, godly voice tells him to surrender his body to Marc. When he expresses his absolute bewilderment at what’s transpiring, the voice, which we know belongs to Khonshu, calls him an idiot.

Meanwhile, Steven sees that he had fallen from a castle behind him and the men high up the castle start shooting at him. Fleeing from the spot, he runs off to a nearby village. He witnesses another weird series of events. A lot of people have gathered at the village and are surrounding a man, Arthur Harrow. He observes that Harrow is calling people to him and judge them. Based on the judgements, which Harrow claims are made by his god Ammit, the people either get to live, or die instantly. His followers inform him about an intruder that has killed two of their men. Harrow is cunning and instantly weeds Steven out from the crowd.

Who is Arthur harrow

Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) confronting Steven

The Ending & Steven’s Takeover

Harrow approaches Steven and asks to hand him back the scarab. Steven goes to do just that but his alter and Khonshu disapprove, triggering a battle and subsequently a chase. Steven’s cluelessness poses some difficulties but he ultimately gets out of there, as he wakes up in his bed. He thinks that it was all a dream but soon finds out that it was not. He discovers that it has been two days since the time he went to bed. Steven has also missed out on his date. Finally, Steven starts establishing communication with Marc, although with great reluctance and fright.

Meanwhile, Harrow and his men are following him. They confront each other at the museum. Harrow goes to judged him but the scale tattooed on his arm goes haywire, signifying chaos inside Steven. Soon, Harrow lets loose his ace card, the Werewolf on Steven. After great difficulty, Steven lets Marc take over the body bad make a mess of the monster. The episode ends shortly after Moon knight dons his cape.

What is Moon Knight's powers

Moon Knight at the end of the premiere episode

Moon Knight Epsiode 1 Review

One of the greatest things about the first episode of Moon Knight was the banter and Khonshu’s personality. Everytime Steven’s personality took over Marc’s, Khonshu’s commentary was hilarious to hear. His rude jabs at the poor and clueless Steven and strict guidance were some of the best moments of the dynamic between the two. Another thing this dynamic did was promise a great many opportunities for the chemistry between the two actors to work in the future. Oscar Isaac was undoubtedly the best part of the opening episode. His commitment to the character, be it his cadence, expressions, and physicality, was very apparent. While the clueless persona of Steven does come out as cheesy, it remains the kind of cheesy you’d expect from a comic book TV series.

One great moment that employs Isaac’s brilliant physicality is where Steven confronts Harrow for the first time. The battle between his intentions and those of his other identity is presented very well by Oscar. The scenes where Steven gets into tough spots and Marc’s personality takes over are presented with jump cuts, with Marc’s fight with the villains being omitted altogether. In the first episode, we don’t see Oscar’s character fight at all. Well, except for the very little in the end when Mr. Knight makes mincemeat out of Werewolf. We only see the aftermath of what Marc’s identity did to the villains. Steven wakes up to a harrowing spectacle or an entirely different setting and location, befuddled. But we are amused.

Who is Khonshu

Khonshu standing menacingly behind Steven Grant in episode 1

A Solid Episode That Also Leaves More to be Desired

With the first episode out, we can now expect to see Marc’s takeover properly and clock the enemies with great fervor. Although the episode ran for over 40 minutes, it left a lot to be desired by the time the credits started rolling. It’s understandable since the lack of action was to serve the exposition and mystery and the tease. However, now that we’re done with the set up, the sophomore episode ought to fill the hand-to-hand combat deficit that exists now. All in all, episode 1 of Moon Knight was a well-balanced and competently executed entry to the miniseries.

Our rating for Moon Knight Episode 1 is 3.7/5.

Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.

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