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MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues

Monsta X member Shownu updates
Monsta X member Shownu

MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues is a piece of recent news that has been circulating all around. Shownu is a South Korean singer and dancer who is part of the South Korean boy’s band, Monsta X. At present, the group has a total of 6 members. But the group debuted as a seven-member boys band. In 2019 their seventh member Wonho left the group. Monsta X being an important k-pop boys group, enjoys quite a lot of popularity in South Korea and also in several parts of Asia. Shownu is the main dancer and vocalist of the boy’s band, Monsta X. The group debuted in 2015 and to date has been a part of Starship entertainment. So, much recently Starship Entertainment released a statement on Shownu’s health and the upcoming and much-awaited comeback of the boy’s group, Monsta X.

Shownu along with Monsta X, enjoys huge stardom in South Korea. They debuted on 14th May 2015. The group was formed through a reality survival program named No Mercy. After a while, Monsta X is all set to release their mini-album ”one of a kind”. But seems like their member Shownu won’t be able to take part in the promotions. Why is it so and what are the reasons behind it? We will get to know it all today. Along with the details on starship entertainment and the boy’s band, Monsta X. For a while now Shownu has been focusing on his career completely while battling with his health issues side by side. Much recently, the group announced the release of their ninth EP, ”one of a kind”.

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Release Date of ” One of a Kind”

Shownu on not participating on the upcoming mini series

K-pop Boys group, Monsta X

The boy’s band, Monsta X will release their ninth EP, ”one of a kind”. The mini-album is all set to release on 1st June 2021. Prior to the release of the album, the promotions of the album will also take place in full bloom. But the agency recently stated that the famous singer and dancer, Shownu won’t take part in the promotions. Also, the decision isn’t sudden and has been taken after much discussion. The promotions of the album are soon about to start and the rest of the members except Shownu will all actively take part in the promotions. The group currently has six members Shownu(Vocalist), Minhyuk(vocalist), Kihyun(vocalist), Hyungwon(vocalist), Joohoney(rapper), and I.M (Rapper).

MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues

MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues

MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues

Due to his health issues, the artist made the decision. He had been undergoing health problems related to his eye retinal detachment for a while now. In last summer, it was revealed so and he even went through surgery for the same. The agency managing Monsta X, starship entertainment, further stated that Shownu has been recently having some discomfort in his eye after being exposed to bright light for the preparations of the comeback album. Currently, he has been undergoing some complications due to the original detachment. As of now, Shownu has been kept under observation. And the doctors are monitoring his condition. This sudden discomfort was caused during the preparation of the comeback album.

MONSTA X’s Shownu To Not Participate In Promotions Due To Health Issues

K-pop boys band Monsta X.

One thing is sure for now that the Singer and dancer won’t be hence participating in the promotions. The doctors have recommended taking precautions and avoid all those situations that can damage the eye further. So after discussions on the issue for a while, starship, along with the rest of the members, concluded on the part that Shownu as of now, shouldn’t take part in the promotional activities. Starship entertainment also stated that to them their artist’s health is above all. And also that they have taken the decision after carefully observing the situation and discussing it with the other team members. Taking rest will let him have a fast and speedy recovery. They also further apologized for breaking the news to the fans and also thanked the fans for their constant support as well.

Much recently the boy’s band also released their teaser photo for their upcoming mini-album ”one of a kind”. The teaser shows all the six members looking down with a clear blue sky behind them. We sincerely respect the decision of the artist and their agency and also wish for a speedy recovery.

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