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MONSTA X Drop Swoon-worthy MV ‘Love’ For Comeback Album ‘SHAPE OF LOVE’

MONSTA X comeback
MONSTA X in "LOVE"'s MV cr: StarshipTV

The waiting period for MONBEBEs is over. The MONSTA X boys have made their much-awaited comeback with their EP “SHAPE OF LOVE”. The “Love” saga continues for the boys after their 2021 Japanese album “Flavors of Love”. The music video for the title track dropped, and we are all in for it. The last album was “The Dreaming,” which was completely in English and came out in December 2021. This album is important because, after November 2021, which is almost half a year, the boys have returned with a Korean EP. The album was initially supposed to release on 11 April, but with members Hyungwon and Joohoney and later all members being diagnosed with COVID-19, it was postponed.

The music video for “LOVE” is so beautiful to watch, and the music is absolutely splendid. The music video dropped on 26 April 2022 at 6 pm KST on the starshipTV YouTube channel. The teaser for the music video came out almost 24 hours before the MV dropped. Fans were already excited since their comeback date was announced. And the much-anticipated song and album are now out for everyone to stream. Love is outpouring for the music video, which by the way, has crossed 200k views, and it had been 2 hours since the song dropped at the time of writing.

If you are new to the fandom or are just a casual listener who is interested to know more about the boys, you can find all the information here you need as a crash course.


The boy group MONSTA X was formed from the survival show NO.MERCY. The show was launched by Starship Entertainment and aired on Mnet. It aired from 2014 to 2015. At the conclusion of the competition, we got the members of the newly formed group MONSTA X. There were seven winners, hence seven members of MONSTA X. Unfortunately, one of the members, Wonho, got entangled in a controversy, which led to him leaving MONSTA X for good. As a result, the group has six members now. They are namely, Shownu, who is the leader and vocalist. We have Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Hyungwon as vocalists, and Joohoney and I.M. take the position of rappers in the group.

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MONSTA X’s name is also a very interesting wordplay. A combination of Monsters of K-pop and My Star in the French language. They are truly monsters of music charts, too, with most of their albums charting at high positions globally. The group is loved widely. Thanks to their English EPs and albums, the guys have gained a lot of fans internationally. The boys are not only popular, but they also make good music. Having won numerous awards for their contribution to the K-Pop music scene, MONSTA X has made a name for itself. Furthermore, they have some albums in Japanese too, which managed to stay in the top 3 positions on three music charts of the region, which includes Billboard Japan Hot 100.

Not just music, the boys have participated in some dramas and even had their movie debut some time ago. They have their variety show called MONSTA X-Ray. They are also the first Korean group to have performed at the iHeartRadio’s annual year-end event, Jingle Ball. Additionally, one of their most fun collaborations to date is the one with Cartoon Network. In one of their popular shows, We Bare Bears, MONSTA X played and voiced their animated counterparts.

MONSTA X comeback

MONSTA X members


The boy group MONSTA X has made their comeback with the Korean EP, SHAPE OF LOVE. The fans are missing Shownu’s presence during the promotions, but he is serving in the military, and fans have to wait a bit longer until he returns from his duty.



The mini-album comprises 6 tracks which are all about the boys talking about falling in love and love at first sight. In the track “Burning Up,” the guys have collaborated with Morrocon Dutch DJ R3HAB, and the song is really fast-paced, and the beats are sick.

The 4th track, though, is kinda mournful in its tone and lyrics. The track Wildfire is about one yearning for love while their own mind and emotions get messed up due to the other person.

But the title track, “LOVE,” is a really groovy one, with some 90s vibes and a touch of R&B to it. Rapper Joohoney and I.M are credited for the lyrics of this song. The song is guaranteed to make you feel the nostalgia of your first love and get up and dance to the beats as well. The song has a really sensual bass drop featuring Joohoney in the mid part and towards the end, and I can’t emphasize enough how good that part sounds. Aside from this, I.M is also credited as a writer for the songs “Wildfire” and “I Love You” along with Joohoney and for the track called “AND”.  In addition, Hyugnwon has also participated in the writing of “Burning Up” (feat. R3HAB) and “Wildfire”. So, MONSTA X, in their comeback, has also showcased their individual talents.

You can check out MV of ‘LOVE’ below!

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