Monkey D. Dragon’s True Power – Theory

Monkey D Dragon Real Power

Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father is the head of the Revolutionary army. He is also known by the marines “World’s Most Wanted Man.” Here are 3 instances that proves a theory that Monkey D. Dragon’s true power is to do something with wind and weather.

Monkey D Dragon Real Power


It all started back in Loguetown, Captain Smoker was fighting Luffy in a rainy day and just before he gave Luffy his final blow, Dragon appeared, stopped Smoker, the rain stopped whilst a huge gust of wind blew in town that blew away Luffy, Smoker, Marines, Alvida and their crew away. His power should have something to do with the weather. He can control rain, lightning and wind.

Monkey D. Dragon’s real Power

Another example of Monkey D Dragon’s true power possible weather control abilities is when Buggy was going to kill Luffy by chopping his head off and again rain was in the background and just below the blade hit Luffy’s neck a thunder lightning hit Buggy and Luffy could get free.

Luffy executed

In the Gray Terminal, we seen another glimpse or hint that shows that Monkey D Dragon’s true power is weather manipulation or something alike. When Dragon found Sabo on the floor in the Goa Kingdom crying for help and renounce his heritage, Dragon helped the people by making a huge gust of wind appear and blow out the flames to make a passageway for the people to get to the shore and join the fight with Monkey D. Dragon.

dragon and sabo

This theory starts making more sense when Sabo got his boat wrecked by the Nobles, Monkey D. Dragon found the boat wrecked and Sabo drowning. Dragon grabbed his hand places him in his arms, a gust of wind appears from nowhere and to top it all off Dragon emerged on his ship just after a circular gust appeared on the deck of his ship and Dragon with Sabo in his hands in the middle of the gust.

I hope you like this theory and if you think otherwise let us know in the comment section below 😊


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