Monkey D. Dragon The Ex-Member Of Cipher Pol [THEORY]


Dragon is a part of the Monkey D family, but he seems so different from his son and grandfather.
They are from Goa country which consists of Goa kingdom, Foosha Village, and the Grey Terminal mountains.

Dragon however, was raised in the Goa kingdom with the nobles. Garp gets a house in Goa kingdom where Dragon was born, to ensure that his son and wife would have a good life.
Garp trained Dragon in the mountains.
In the Grey Terminal Dragon became friends with the commoners and learned the value of human life. He believed that everyone should be equal and was against with how the nobles treat the commoners like trash.

Dragon wanted to change Goa kingdom. Dragon joined the World Government, or we can say Cipher Pol.

Dragon has always been curious about his ‘D’ lineage. While a member of Cipher Pol, however, Dragon meets two people Jaguar D. Saul and Dr. Vegapunk, who is also a D. Like Dragon, Saul was curious about his D lineage, but he didn’t overthink about it. Vegapunk however, was very curious like Dragon. They became friends and Dragon were shocked to learn of the terrible experiments the World Government make Vegapunk do. So Vegapunk and Dragon decided to find out more about their lineage.

As a part of CP0, Dragon worked directly under the Celestial Dragon and Gorosei. Cipher Pol specializes in cover-ups, blackmail, lies, and murder. Dragon knew that freedom wouldn’t be realized as long as the current World Government exist.

After the Ohara Massacre Dragon Convinced that he had no chance of changing the World Government from the Inside,
In this Massacre, his Friend Jaguar D. Saul was killed.
Dragon informed Vegapunk, and he agreed with Dragon that a revolution was necessary and decided to remain in the World Government as Dragon’s inside man, while Dragon carefully creates and expands his organization.
Finally, Dragon created the most dangerous organization that the WG has ever seen.

During the Zou Arc Dragon asks Koala about Robin’s well Being and was relieved to hear that she was Okay. One could say that Dragon Cares for Robin, It definitely means something.
You could say that Dragon cares for Robin because she can revive the Ancient Weapons, this is true, but I think Dragon has another Reason for why he cares for Robin.
Jaguar D. Saul was Dragon’s Friend, and Robin was the Only one who survived that massacre. So I believe that’s why Dragon cares for Robin.

Monkey D. Dragon was never an Admiral If he was, why is Dragon so mysterious and unknown even among the marines? You could say that the Gorosei blacklisted him and erased his existence, but that still wouldn’t make sense because people do not forget so easily.

The Gorosei feared this man as they recognized his description. Monkey D. Dragon became the most wanted man in the world Due to him knowing about the WG corruption from being Cipher pol agent, being Garp’s son, being a D, him looking for the poneglyphs and leading an organization that directly opposes the WG and it will continue to grow until the WG falls.

It’s just a theory though I strongly Believe that Dragon was a Cipher Pol agent. What you Guys think about this theory.
Let us know in comment section.