Spoilers & Preview: Mom Season 8 Episode 12

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Mom Season 8 Episode 12
Mom Season 8 Episode 12

American sitcom, Mom has already started its 8th season on November 5, 2020, on CBS. Produced by Warner Bros Television and Chuck Lorre Productions the sitcom gained immense popularity over past years. This is the only season in which the lead role, Anna Farris wasn’t featured as she left the show at the beginning of season 8. In earlier episodes, we saw how things got pretty messed due to Rod who was with Bonnie, and then Adam and then Jill. Bonnie wasn’t a sponsor anymore and she is trying to save someone very close to her. All these will be revealed soon in the upcoming episode. Mom Season 8 Episode 12 will soon be premiered on CBS.

Mom Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

Spoilers Alert!

The 11th episode of season 8 of Mom is called ‘Shutting Peacock and Father O’Leary’. The episode started with Bonnie and Adam in an AA/Al-Anon meeting. They are sitting as a couple and have to tell their problems as their chance comes. Bonnie is very excited about that as the story of her brave girl is very very interesting. But at the end of the meeting, Adam is the one in limelight and he steals everyone’s hearts with his humor and charm. Season the season has started Bonnie has been sponsoring Rod, A rockstar. After a while, Rod and Adam start to pair up, and Rod kind of starts liking Adam which doesn’t seem good to Bonnie. Bonnie asks Marjorie about this and she says it should be okay and there should be no problem with it.

Mom Season 8 Episode 12
Mom Season 8 Episode 12

Rod and Adam then made plans to hang out together later on the same day. Bonnie is not at all happy with this. When she confronted Rod, Rod told her his dark secrets that he never had a Dad and never made real friends. And that’s the reason he misses these things. When Bonnie reaches home Rod fired her as her Sponsor. On the other hand, Jill and Rod are having other things around. They both have been behind each other for a long time. And they finally cross paths during shopping. Rod is still hanging out with Adam and when he leaves Jill comes and they both are wearing the same leopard print shirt. Jill got very disappointed but Rod tells her the reason why he did that. In the end, they both kissed each other passionately.

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Bonnie then reaches home to find new tenants there. Jill and Rod are found naked on the floor and then they couldn’t catch eyes. And finally Bonnie tells Rod to take help from Marjorie. Hopefully, she can sponsor him.

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Mom Season 8 Episode 12 Storyline

Mom Season 8 Episode 12
Mom Season 8 Episode 12

The 12th episode of season 8 of the show is called ‘Tiny Dancer and An Impromptu Picnic’. According to the synopsis, there was a lot of mess created in episode 11. Bonnie will now become more daring and she is ready to take all the challenges that come her way. The utmost reason behind this is because she wants to save someone with who she’s very close. This hasn’t been revealed yet but it could be her daughter Christy or her husband Adam. As Christy aka Anna Farris left the show for season 8 maybe she could make a comeback.

On the other hand, Jill is facing problems with her new relationship. In the previous episode, everything that went with Rod was not good. In the 12th episode the question Who Bonnie is actually trying to save? could be answered. We can also see how far she can face challenges to save her dear ones. Will Marjorie at the end of everything will sponsor her again and will she give her the advice she is waiting for. On the other hand, will Jill end her relationship with Rod or will she make it work? Every question will be answered in Mom Season 8 Episode 12.

Mom Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date

The 12th episode of season 8 of Mom will soon be released. Originally the episode was ought to Release on the 18th of March,2021 but as the show took a break of two weeks the episode is finally releasing on April 1, 2021. The episode for Mom airs on CBS at 9/8c. After the episode has aired you can also binge-watch all the episodes of the sitcom on CBS’s official website. You can also watch the show on Paramount Plus. For all the international fans, Mom is now available with all the previous seasons on the OTT platform, Amazon prime video.

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Mom Season 8 Upcoming Episodes

Release Dates of Episode 13 and episode 14 of season 8 of Mom have already been announced. The 13th episode of season 8 of Mom is called ‘Klondike-Five and a Secret Family’ and will be premiered on 8th April 2021 on CBS. The 14th episode of season 8 of Mom is titled ‘Endorphins and a Toasty Tushy’ and will be premiered on CBS on April 15, 2021.

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