Home News Mojo Rawley Entered Into a Multi Year Contract With WWE

Mojo Rawley Entered Into a Multi Year Contract With WWE

Mojo Rawley Entered Into a Multi Year Contract With WWE

Mojo Rawley has reportedly signed a contract with WWE, which means he won’t be seen with WWE rivals for a long time now. although the contract duration is unknown as of now it’s expected that it will be at least 5-year long contract. Mojo Rawley joins other Wrestling superstars like Mike and Maria Kanellis who also entered into a long term contract with WWE. According to the sources, WWE has been trying to get in contract with majority of the wrestling superstars. This is being done to keep away the potential competition from All Elite Wrestling.

However, it’s not been revealed how long this multi-year contract is but WWE has been trying to get these wrestlers into at least 5-year long contract. Mojo Rawley, real name Dean Muhtadi signed his first ever contract with WWE back in 2012, and now he’s been approached again for a multi-year contract. Apparently, WWE has been trying to save potential talents for themselves, as they don’t want to lose these wrestling superstars to AEW. Getting all the wrestling stars to sign the contract will give WWE a competitive edge.

Initially, Mojo signed a deal in 2012 basically as a part of NXT then he received his roller coaster call up back in 2016. However, he has been rarely used but there’s a chance that AEW might have wanted him too.

Mojo Rawley WWE contract

According to the sources, the new contract offers a lot more than what it used to offer earlier. This is probably being done to lure wrestlers into signing the contract and being unavailable for AEW and others. Not much of Rawley has been seen, we are hoping that it’s changed for him now that he has entered into a contract with WWE.

With this, Mojo becomes a third superstar who had extended his contract with WWE along with Mike and Maria Kanellis. It’s now safe to assume that Mojo Rawley Is not leaving WWE anytime soon. Since he has gotten into a contract with WWE, we’ll get to see more and more of Mojo Rawley in upcoming years. Much excitement for Mojo Rawley fans? Mojo Rawley has Donned a new look recently and he hasn’t shown it off yet. We expect to see his new look in future now. Leaving his hype persona in the past, He now dons a fractured face paint and makes his entry through a glass. Do mention what are your thoughts regarding Mojo Rawley signing a long-term WWE deal.


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