Modern World Mutants


The world of anime is filled with abilities that us regular humans can only dream of having. From the power of flight, to the ability of telepathy, we have seen it all in anime and thought just how great it would be to actually possess these powers in our day to day lives. However, just how would these abilities benefit us in our modern society?  Here are some common powers that exist in the world of anime and how they would influence our lives in modern society.



The power of flight is in almost every game and anime, it has been the dream of mankind for centuries. Besides the Greek Tale of Icarus, the closest man has to flight are planes and helicopters. So how would flight benefit our lives in modern society? Answer is simple; NO MORE TRAFFIC. The ability to escape hours of traffic is the ultimate benefit to the modern adult. Many times we seek to leave to our destination hours prior to the appointed time just to escape the traffic to arrive there. With the power of FLIGHT, time would be saved and stress would be reduced.



For clarity, the INSTANT TRANSMISSION that Son Goku from the Dragon Ball Saga is being used. This ability is as useful as Flight, however; it’s two abilities in one. To use this ability, one must be able to sense Ki/Chakra/Chi. Therefore, unless you can sense someone, this ability would be useless to you. However, if you can sense their presence, then this ability would be a lot more useful than the ability of FLIGHT. No more need to have an alarm, you can now sleep in and still arrive on time. College students would benefit the most from this. Those late night studies won’t be as problematic anymore, since you can now get that extra hour rest needed to keep you sane.



For ease of understanding, think of STATIC SHOCK. This ability would benefit everyone of every age and class within our society. The most basic and common use of this ability would be the possibility to have our electronic devices constantly charged. No more running for a place to charge your phone, no need to fight with your sibling over a charger. You can charge your device any and every where you please. For adults however, this would mean that they would no longer have to pay an Electric Bill. One less expense is every adult’s dream.



Think of Shoto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia as a reference to this ability. Though this is two different abilities, I think it would be more beneficial to speak as them as one to keep in line with the theme of this article. CRYOKINESIS the ability to control ice and PYROKINESIS the ability to control fire are two abilities that when combined, would be the dream ability of our modern society. To always be the temperature you want to be is and would always be a dream come true. If you are cold, you can warm your body enough to suit your preference and vice versa for when you are cold. In my personal opinion, that ability would be more useful than both FLIGHT and INSTANT TRANSMISSION.



If you have ever played any Role Playing Games (RPG) then you would understand just how imperative it is to have a CLERIC in your party. This may perhaps be the most beneficial ability to our modern society. In our civilization, we face many threats. Be it viruses, or ourselves, the human race is a fragile one. With the ability to heal, our lives would vastly improve. This ability would also erase another expense for adults. Healthcare and medical bills are two of the most expensive expenses worldwide. With such an expense gone, many would be able to utilize that money on them instead for enjoyment.


As we have seen above, having powers within our modern society can be quite useful to us. Though some may use them in a manner that is not smiled upon by the law, it can’t be denied that these abilities and more would be beneficial to us and make our lives a lot more comfortable.