Mod Sun’s Dating History: A Roller Coaster Ride

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Mod Sun
Mod Sun

Do you know who is Derek Ryan Smith? He is none other than Mod Sun. There are very few who know him by this name. Singer, songwriter, the one who knows multiple instruments, and rapper: Mod Sun is full of talent. Mod Sun is a legend in the music industry who has been a part of many musical projects. Drums were his first love, and he started his musical career with drums. He was a part of a famous band named ‘pop-punk band’.

Mod Sun’s dating life is open to all. His life in terms of dating and personal relationships was never kept private. Someone who is a singer and has a multitalented personality is always in the headlines. So here we shall take you through Mod Sun’s early life, career, and dating life. Was he lucky enough to find a perfect match for himself in just one go or had multiple relationships but still was not able to find a perfect match? Let’s delve in.

Mod Sun’s Early Life

Born in Bloomington, Mod Sun spent most of his time with his father during his early childhood. As he grew, his bond with his mother was stronger after his parents parted ways. He continued to stay with his mother. They migrated from one place to another because of his mother’s profession. Bud Gaugh, the drummer of Sublime, lived next door to Smith’s father and encouraged him to pursue a career in music.

Mod Sun
Mod Sun

Mod Sun grew up with a passion for music and began attending concerts at an early age. His mother urged him to go to performances and invite members of the traveling band. As a result, he became a more essential character in the scene. Smith, along with other local bands and performers, were fashion fanatics who later became part of the scene’s subculture. In seventh grade, he created band merchandise.

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Mod Sun’s Career

Mod Sun began his musical career by joining a famous band. Mod’s first band was a pop-punk. He began playing drums for Semester, a local pop-punk band. He stayed in the band for four years before being let go three months after graduation. In 2004, he became a member of Four Letter Lie, a post-hardcore band. In 2009, he was kicked out of the band. Later, he worked for Scary Kids as a drum tech. Finally, he was asked to join Scary Kids Scaring Kids as their drummer, which he accepted on the condition that he could open for them on tour as a solo act. Mod Sun’s solo career was quite a good one. 5 mixtapes and 3 EPs were released, and all of them were great hits.

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Mod Sun’s Dating Life Explored

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mod Sun’s life is his dating life. Mod Sun has been in a polyamorous relationship for a long time. Yes, it is correct. Mod Sun was one of the celebs that were involved in such an affair. Someone in a polyamorous relationship has more than one partner. Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau were both in this type of relationship with Mod Sun. In 2018, he was in a polyamorous relationship of this type. This was never going to grow much, and the relationship was doomed to fail.

The ending of a relationship always comes with a start too. Mod Sun then started dating Bella Thorne. Both of them madly wanted to be together, and they got married to each other. But we guess the foundation of this relationship was not that strong. The relationship ended in just 15 months and the couple split. We guess Mod Sun was still trapped with Tana Mongeau. Both of them began dating again. All the fans thought Mod Sun finally found the love of his life, but the relationship didn’t even survive for a year also.

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Mod Sun
Mod Sun Along With Avril Lavigne

2021 was the year when Mod Sun started liking someone else, and this time, maybe, he will be lucky. Avril Lavigne came into his life, and the fans were quite interested as both of them were musicians. 7th April 2022 was the date when the pair got engaged. Every fan wants both of them should stay together till the end.

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