Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury Teaser Released

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mobile suit gundam: witch from mercury

Mobile Suit Gundam is an extremely popular Japanese anime and manga series. The anime first premiered back in April of 1979. The first-ever Gundam show had 43 episodes. It was the first of the many yet-to-come sequels and spin-offs of a successful worldwide franchise. The Gundam universe is set in a futuristic world. It is set in the Universal Century 0079 time period. The story focuses on the raging war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation. Although Zeon is a very small establishment, they have the advantage of the Gundam suits.

Since its release, the creators have never looked back. Gundam has a movie franchise, anime franchise, an action figures line, and much more. All the die-hard Gundam fans have been very eager since a new Gundam movie was announced. The upcoming anime in the series is titled Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury. A teaser for the new Gundam anime was released on 29th March 2022. Fans have been very excited after seeing the short teaser. There have been many theories regarding what the anime will be about.

Let’s take a look at all the available information on the Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury anime!

When Will The New Gundam Anime Release?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury was announced last year in September. As revealed a few days back, the new Gundam anime will come out this October 2022. There is a long time for October to arrive, but the fans can watch all the previous anime and movies to get to know the fascinating world of Gundam. Back in January 2022, the Bandai Namco group revealed that the new Gundam anime would be released this October. The anime will probably be aired at 5:00 PM JST every Sunday on local Japanese networks.

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mobile suit gundam: witch from mercury
Mobile Suit Gundam

About Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury

This anime from the Gundam series is it’s first in 7 years. The last show in the series to be released was Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, which was a massive hit among the fans. Finally, after 7 years of wait, fans will get to see the new version of Gundam. There is no plot revelation just yet regarding the anime. Although it is widely believed that Iron-Blooded Orphans used close-range melee weapons, as a result, Witch from Mercury can go towards a mystical approach.

One very exciting thing surrounding the anime is its protagonist. For the first time in its series, Gundam will have a female lead character. As shown in the teaser, the unknown female character has short red hair and stands in front of her Gundam- Ariel.

Check out the teaser for Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury below.

There is also a prologue set for the show. It is titled Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury Prologue. It will release sometime this year in the summer. Two new mobile suits will be present in the prologue. These mobile suits are Lfrith and Beguir-Beu. Bandai Namco, in their announcement, also said that they would enter the Metaverse with these projects in the future. Apart from this, the group is also working on a new Gundam game, titled Gundam Evolution, a 6v6 First Person Shooter (FPS) game.

The show has generally had male protagonists so far with some powerful female side characters. It would be really interesting to see how the creators develop a female protagonist, what story do they give her, and how does she take control of the Gundam.

Tell us your thoughts regarding the new Gundam anime. All the latest Gundam news will be updated here, so keep an eye out.

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