Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Added To Toonami List

For those who do not know about Toonami, it is a television programming block which contains Japanese anime and American anime. It runs on network Adult Swim. It was launched back on 26 May 2012. The creator of Toonami is Sean Akins and Jason DeMarco. Also, it is being produced by Williams Street.

Now, Toonami has officially announced that it has added Mobile Gundam: The Origin to its list of anime. It will be aired on 06 July 2019. It is clear that the anime will launch with an English dubbed version but the time slot is yet to be revealed. Not many know but its manga is based on an anime so this new anime is the adaptation of the original old anime.

The new and latest anime is being directed by Takashi Imanishi and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. It is being written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa and produced by Osamu Taniguchi. Music of the latest anime is given by Takayuki Hattori. The studio that is making the new anime is Sunrise. The anime is running on NHK General TV and in the United States, it is running on Toonami. The anime launched on 29 April 2019 and is scheduled for 13 episodes. Here is the synopsis of the new anime:

The story is focused on a pilot of Zeon forces. He is known as Red Comet but his real name is Char Aznable and his sister Sayla Mass. The embark on a journey to unravel the mystery of who and how their father was killed. When their father suddenly dies their journey starts. This father of their was the leader of Spacenoids and was known as Zeon Zum Deikun.

There will surely be some conflicts as the story will unfold. The conflict with Earth Federation Forces will be the main one as it could cause massive war. The story is all action packed and we all should expect quite an exciting anime.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

Previously, we got anime of 2 episodes and 4 episodes but thankfully this time around we have been promised 13 long episodes which is a sigh of relief for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin fans.

The main lead characters story is tragic and how the duo of brother and sister overcome all odds will be very interesting to behold. So, do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Toonami adding Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin to their list of never-ending anime. Also, are you excited to watch this new anime or not?

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