Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Reveals Trailer 2 And Opening Song

ONE’s Mob Pycho 100 season 2 revealed its second trailer recently. It also previewed the second season’s opening and ending theme song. The second trailer also shows more of what’s about to appear in the second season. Will Mob finally get Tsubomi-chan’s attention? Or will he destroy the whole world with his powerful psychic power?

There’s a lot of explosion in the second trailer of Mob Psycho 100. This means that a lot of action will be in the second season, with Kageyama in the center of it all. It can be remembered that in the last season, he stumbled upon a certain organization that kidnaps people because of psychic power. His brother Ritsu was one of those kidnapped and Mob needed to fight the enemies to rescue his brother. Because of this, Mob became directly involved and now needs to fight the boss of this organization to prevent his plans. Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen the preview yet.

The official opening is sung by the Mob Choir which is titled “99.9” while the ending is performed by sajou no hana and is titled “Memosepia”. New casts for the second season is also revealed in the Mob Psycho 100’s official site. Akira Ishida (Bierrez in “Dragon Knights”)  will be voicing Keiji Mogami. Eriko Matsui (Kamika in Fairy Tail) will be voicing Mob’s newest love interest, Emi. Taiten Kusunoki will be playing Banshomaru Shinra, Teruyuki Tanzawa is Kirin Jodo, and M.A.O will be playing Minori Asagiri.

The second season is expected to come next year on January 7. Main characters will reprise their roles in the next season. Some fans are expecting this season to be the last season fitted in the manga’s timeline. However, if things are stretched out, we can have a third season in the future. The original manga was written by ONE who is also the author of One Punch Man.

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