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Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6: Release Date & Spoilers

Spoilers For Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6
From Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6 will conclude the Yi City Arc and its story once and for all. Apart from that, we kinda have a clue what new mission is coming ahead for Wei Wuxan. Recently on the show, we had quite a light-hearted time. We opened up with the group battling one of the last monsters. A headless being who resembles quite a lot to one of Clan Leader of the Nie Clan of Qinghe. They successfully took him down and moved on to the annual discussion at Jinlintai.

Wei Wuxan has come to the place after quite a while. There are people who like his presence and wonder about it while others are not quite happy. Especially the ones who remember him as Mo Xuanyu. So there were expectations that a confrontation is just right around the corner. If not now, then sooner or later. Meanwhile, Wuxan spent time gaining knowledge about the place from Lan Zhan until he heard about a dark secret revolving around leader Jin Guangyao and one of his family members. So let’s break down what really happened here.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Previously on Mo Dao Zu Shi, we opened up with Wei Wuxan and Lan Zhan following the clues they had to reach no end. All they met with was a table and a warm drink. Wuxan believes whoever this was is quite an interesting character. But not Lan Zhan that much as he carries Wuxan back home tied with his headband. As the young cultivators were drinking, there is someone else home. A headless monster emerges out of nowhere who Wei identifies as Good Brother.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6

From Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5

As the monster chase Jin Ling, Zewu-jun makes an entrance. The monster showcases his excellent swordsmanship which resembles of use of sabers in past. Wuxam, Lan Zhan, and Zewu-jun use their instruments to take him down. With the skills monster had, Wei Wuxan asks if this is the late Clan Leader of the Nie Clan of Qinghe, Chifeng-zu? Although Zewu-jun doesn’t really agree, Wei Wuxan believes the annual discussion conference at Jinlintai will tell soon.

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Back at Jinlintai the next day, Wei Wuxan starts understanding the place. He wants to know about the significance of the headband as well but Lan Zhan denies telling. For this, Wuxan teases him with the things Lan Zhan said when he was drunk. They also meet other clan leaders such as Jiang Cheng and Jin Guangyao. Jin Ling isn’t that happy with Wuxan’s presence while Wuxan finds Clan Leader Su familiar and feels he has met the leader before.

Ending For Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5

From Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5

Jin Chan is one of the people not really happy to see Wei Wuxan. Although Jin Chan still sees him as Mo Xuanyu. Next, Jin Guangyao walks in with his wife Qin Su. Wei Wuxan becomes a topic of discussion. Later on in the episode, Jin Guangyao and his group confront Wuxan before Jin Ling interferes. When Jin Ling finds it difficult to hold on, Wuxan interrupts and teaches him to take down an opponent easily.

Lan Zhan interrupts an awkward conversation between Wuxan and Jin Ling. Wuxan asks for a friend for Ling, probably Jin Guaungyao’s son or daughter. Lan Zhan goes on to reveal that one of the clans murdered Jin Guangyao’s son at a young age. The murdering clan was erased later on. The episode closes with Qin Su receiving a letter about her son’s death that doesn’t reveal much.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date & Spoilers

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6 is releasing on September 4, 2021, at 9:00 pm and will be available to stream on Tencent Video. The coming sixth episode is expected to mark the end of Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 and its Yi City arc. There is no update on whether the fourth season of Mo Dao Zu Shi is in the making or not. So we have to hang on to that. As for the story is concerned, the fifth episode so far has teased enough that the show may continue with a new arc.

There is not much official information on what direction the Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 6 is going ahead in. For now, we believe, decisions revolving around Wuxan and the massacre at Yi City will wrap up at the annual discussion. Lastly, the show has already bowed seeds revolving around Jin Guangyao and Qin Su’s son’s death. Someone knows a bigger secret about it as we saw in the last episode’s ending moments. So that may be the beginning of a new battle for Wei Wuxan.

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