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Mnet Talks Address The Rumors About ‘Evil Editing’ In Queendom 2

One of the most anticipated reality shows by Mnet, ‘Queendom’ is finally back for its second season. And along with the thrilling stage performances, the survival show has brought a lot of drama to the internet. Fans have been loving the performances. Hyolyn as a solo is stealing the show with the power she holds. While the show itself makes the fans sit with their eyes glued to the screen, it isn’t the only thing that is making fans lose their mind.  The fans have called out Mnet for the evil editing they’ve been doing in ‘Queendom 2’ to enhance the drama.

Catching up with the tactics of the production team, the fans have pointed out the type of editing they do. The channel had no other option but to speak. With Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon as the MC, ‘Queendom 2’ gives the stage to Brave Girls, BBG, WJSN, LOONA, Kepler, and Hyorin to show their amazing skills. With all the criticism on the internet, Queendom’s cast and directors went on to do a press conference. Addressing all the questions the fans had, the team also went on to talk about the ‘evil editing’ the fans are accusing them of.

evil editing queendom 2

Viviz’s SinB is a usual victim of Mnet’s evil editing in Queendom 2

What Is Mnet’s Evil Editing?

Mnet is known for the dramatic editing in the episodes. In the very first episode of Queendom 2, fans saw Viviz’z SinB becoming the victim of the editing. As the teams went on to take their seats, SinB called Cosmic Girl’s Yeorum. Asking Yeorum to tell her members that they are seniors, she asked her to introduce them. While the conversation is harmless, with Mnet’s evil editing, it looked like SinB was being rude. And was trying to intimidate their junior artists. To give the scene a cherry on the top, the editors went on to add shocked reactions from the other contestants.

Whatever the channel tried to do for SinB it didn’t work. Putting on her act, the idol herself went on to create drama with someone whom she’s close with. Well aware, fans went on to praise Sinb for her acting on the show. Being a part of the industry for over seven years, SinB has called out Mnet for the evil editing they do several times. Before the show even started, fans were already on the internet worrying about SinB. And how the idol’s neutral expressions were gonna get extra touched by the evil editing. They even asked SinB to be aware of her expressions so she doesn’t fall prey to the tactics.

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Mnet’s Response To The Accusations Of ‘Evil Editing’ In Queendom 2

Producer Lee Yeon Gyu was the one to address the concerns shown by fans. She revealed that the way the show edits the clips and telecasts, it is not evil editing. She went on to say that their goal is to show everything that is happening without hiding anything. As the standards of the viewers, Mnet has have risen. They prefer to be as honest as they could be about things. Lee Yeon Gyu went on to explain that through the editing, they want to create a story that showcases all of the groups are participating.

evil editing queendom 2

Mnet’s producer talks about the evil editing in the survival show ‘Queendom 2’.

Having just four minutes to perform on the stage, the girls put in a lot of hard work to present themselves. To honor their hard work and efforts, the camera team wants to be sincere and add a narrative to it. According to producer Lee Yeon Gyu, the team is working hard so the six members’ performances can be seen perfectly.

While the production team has given an explanation from their side, fans are still not sure about it. Looking at Mnet’s history of the survival show drama, fans are finding their explanations hard to believe.

Queendom 2 episode 2 will be available to watch on Rakuten Viki on April 7, 2022.

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