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Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: First Look At The Members Participating

Queendom Season 2 Episode 1
Queendom Season 2

The Second Season of Mnet’s phenomenal girl-group survival show Queendom is all set to premiere very soon. With headlining K-pop girl-group acts like LOONA, Brave Girls, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er, and the solo artist Hyolyn (former member of SISTAR), it is hard not to get excited about the much-awaited reality show to finally start airing. Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 will mark the beginning of yet another saga of legendary performances, the uprising of the underdogs, and Mnet’s famous evil-editing. As a cherry on top, the MC of Mnet Queendom Season 2 will be none other than Girl’s Generation Taeyeon.

The hype for Mnet Queendom Season 2 is very real, and to momentarily satiate the fans, Mnet has released the opening performances of all the participants. Additionally, they have also released Queendom Season 2 Episode 0 on YouTube with lots of fun interactive moments between the groups. If you are wondering about the release date of Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 or on which website you can stream after it airs, this article will have the answers for you.

Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 0 Recap

Before the show officially starts off, Mnet had released not only the opening performances of the participants but also a prologue, aka Episode 0, which shows us what happened when all the girl groups and the MC finally met each other on the set for the first time.

Queendom Season 2 Episode 1

Brave Girls being interviewed on Queendom Season 2 [cr: Mnet]

All the groups were interviewed about their concerns related to their position in the Korean industry right now, and they also revealed the milestones they want to achieve from their time on Mnet Queendom Season 2. A lot of banter related to age (like all the Brave Girls members fawning over the youngest member of Kep1er, Yeseo, who is just seventeen years old in international age), and seniority (WJSN joking that since the members of Gfriend debuted again as VIVIZ, they are not their seniors anymore) between the members were broadcast.

Lastly, none of the participants could help fangirling when the ultimate seniors of the program, Hyolyn, and Taeyeon, came to the stage. Even Hyolyn, who not only has a lot more experience than the other participants, revealed she felt nervous and burdened to be on the show since she is the only solo artist on Queendom 2.

Queendom Season 2 Episode 1

Hyolyn, the only solo participant on Queendom Season 2 [cr: Mnet]

The girls were then introduced to the MC of the show, Taeyeon, which overjoyed them just as it did the viewers. Of course, all of the junior girl groups hailed Taeyeon as their ultimate role model, and even Hyolyn talked about how Taeyeon has helped and supported her through various things over the years. Lee Yong Jin was also revealed as the “Queen Manager”.

Queendom Season 2 Episode 1

Queendom Season 2 MC Taeyeon with “Queen Manager” Lee Yong Jin [credit: Mnet]

Fans are excited to see the interactions between the various members of the girl groups that are participating. Moreover, since this program is from the infamous channel Mnet, fans are wary of them their evil-editing of the things members will say, which can potentially mess with the reputation of the participants, especially for members like SinB and Hyolyn, who are very straightforward with their opinions. Nevertheless, the Episode 0 released has got all the fans looking forward to the release of Queendom Season 2 Episode 1.

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Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 will release on 31 March 2022, Thursday at 09:20 PM KST. For other time-zones, it is 5:50 PM IST, 8:20 AM ET, and 10:20 PM AEST (Thursday). The show Queendom Season 2 will be airing on the pay-to-watch cable channel Mnet. The run-time of each is estimated to be at least 1 hour 30 minutes.

Watch Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

In case you can’t catch the Mnet Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 while it airs live on Mnet, no worries! You catch stream all the Episodes of Mnet Queendom Season 2 right after they air on Rakuten Viki. Moreover, make sure to stream the performances of your favorite contestants on the Mnet Official Youtube Channel.

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