Mnet Announced ‘Boys Planet 999’ After The Huge Success Of ‘Girls Planet 999’

Mnet Boys Planet 999
Mnet announces Boys Planet 999

After the huge success of Girls Planet 999, Mnet has decided to hold auditions for Boys Planet 999. The South Korean pay television channel announced that it is going to start auditions for the male counterpart soon. The female contestant Kpop survival program was extremely successful. Moreover, Kep1er- the group formed, as a result, will debut next month. Kpop fans are now excited to see the boys joining the reality show to display talents from different Asian countries.

During the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Mnet played a video to share the big news with everyone watching the ceremony. The video came with a tagline that read, ‘A signal from a new planet. We await the boys who will go on a global journey together.’

Mnet Announced Auditions For ‘Boys Planet 999’

During the broadcast of MAMA 2021, Mnet only shared the news of ‘Boys Planet 999’ coming in 2022. Meanwhile, they later said that they will receive applications from the contestants between December 11, 2021, and February 11, 2022. Also, anyone born before January 1, 2009, who can travel to South Korea and does not belong to any agency can apply for the audition.

Contestants will be allowed only if they choose two categories out of Vocal, Dance, Rap, Acting, and Producing. The release date is not specified by Mnet yet. However, we expect the Kpop survival show to begin airing in mid-2022.

Girls Planet 999 and Boys Planet 999 from Mnet
A still from ‘Girls Planet 999’ (cr: Mnet)

Girls Planet 999 aired from August to October. Mnet took female contestants from South Korea, China, and Japan, who wanted to debut in an idol group despite having language and cultural barriers. Yeo Jin Goo served as the host. Meanwhile, Kpop idols Sunmi and Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany were the Kpop masters. Things might change in Boys Planet. For the male counterpart, there is a high chance, we get to see male Kpop idols acting as Kpop masters.

The nine finalists of ‘Girls Planet 999’ – Kep1er- will debut next month with the album First Impact. Now with, Boys Planet happening next year, fans can get ready for a new Kpop boy group.

Watch the official announcement video by Mnet down below:

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