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Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed?

Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed?

Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed? Hallmark’s ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’ is an intriguing story about Josh, a dreamer who works at his parents’ diner in his small Alaskan hometown. He aspires to continue his family legacy by someday reclaiming the diner. However, he is summoned by his twin brother Julian, a renowned big city chef who sustains an injury. Josh is now required to fill in for his brother in order to compete in difficult culinary competitions.

Josh is overcome with emotion after catching a glimpse of the event’s organizer, Meg. However, the world believes Josh is his gay twin brother Julian, which further complicates matters. Apart from their feel-good nature, Hallmark films are known for their picturesque scenery, which piqued our interest in this one. Here is everything we know about the location of the filming of ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’.

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Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed?

Mix Up in the Mediterranean is filmed in Malta. The filming of ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’ began in December 2020. The film was shot in exotic Malta, a well-known tourist destination renowned for its mild climate. Let us delve deeper into the details!

Valletta, Malta

‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’ was filmed in Malta. Valletta, Malta’s capital, is featured in breathtaking shots throughout the film. Valletta’s rich historical past, combined with its popularity as a tourist destination, makes it an ideal location for filming. Numerous affectionate titles, including European Art City and World Heritage City, have been bestowed upon it. Valletta is crammed with some of the most exquisite artworks, churches, and palaces in all of Europe.

Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed? - Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

Malta was the location for the critically acclaimed HBO show ‘Game of Thrones,’ further enhancing the island’s global popularity and appeal. ‘Gladiator,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ and ‘Troy’ are among the other films shot in this popular island nation’s sweeping magnificence. Several scenes from ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’ were filmed at Vjal Nelson’s Triton Fountain in Il-Belt Valletta. It is a magnificent fountain located just outside the City Gate of Valletta.

Triton Fountain

Triton Fountain

The Phoenicia Malta Hotel, Malta

Several scenes appear to have been shot at The Phoenicia Malta hotel, located at The Mall FRN1478, Floriana. The luxurious hotel is located just outside Valletta’s glorious capital. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The Phoenicia Malta Hotel, Malta

The Phoenicia Malta Hotel, Malta

It is popular with both visitors and island residents, who frequently swarm the hotel’s interiors. Jessica Lowndes shared a photo of herself casually posing with her co-star Jeremy Jordan while filming in Malta.

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In ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean,’ Jeremy Jordan plays twins Josh and Julian, who are both passionate about cooking. Jeremy Jordan is known for his roles in the television shows “Supergirl” and “Smash.” Jessica Lowndes plays Meg, a driven young woman in charge of a culinary competition. However, you might remember her from the TV show ‘90210.’ Henri Vermeiren is played by Callum Blue. ‘Dead Like Me,’ ‘Related,’ and ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’ are among his previous works.

However, among the cast members are Michelle Martin as Heike Mueller, Edward De Gaetano as Etienne Leduc, Stephen Oliver as Chester Peele, Anthony Edridge as Preston Wescott, Nadia Sohawon as Annie Leroux, Nicholas Jackman as Patrick O’Shea, Emelie Ulfeby as Deirdre Zidane, Mikhail Basmadjian as Tim Kinsella, and others.


“Josh (Jordan) is happy in his small Alaska town, cooking at the diner his parents used to own and dreaming of the day when he can reclaim it. When Josh’s twin brother, acclaimed big-city chef Julian (Jordan), is injured, he agrees to pose as Julian in order to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious culinary competitions. There he meets Meg (Lowndes), the contest’s ambitious organizer who is eager to make a name for herself with her first major event. Feelings begin to develop between them, but the situation is complicated by Meg’s mistaken belief that Josh is his married brother Julian.”

Jordan described Malta as having some of the best food he’d ever tasted.

Jordan revealed to Parade that the majority of the filming took place in Valletta, Malta’s capital. “It’s beautiful, and we had some of the best food I’ve ever had,” he said. “… “Capo Crudo’s Pasta Carbonara in Valletta, Malta, is one of my top three dishes ever.”

It’s described as follows: “A small-town cook enters a culinary competition as his big-city chef twin and falls for the event’s coordinator, who believes he is the married brother.”

Where is Mix Up in the Mediterranean Filmed?

Jeremy Jordan

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