Mirzapur Season 2 In The Making – Updates

With the hard-hitting success of the first season of the series, Amazon promptly gave the green signal to the second run of this series. While you fans out there are waiting for the next season; we bring you the latest news on the series.

The first season of this series revolved around two brothers who get into the mafia business run by the Tripathi’s in the Mirzapur city. The season one saw the rise of brothers up in the ranks of the business. The end of the season one shows us the showdown between Munna Tripathi and the brothers Guddu and Bablu. The season ends on a cliff-hanger which surprised most of the fans.

Amazon has confirmed that there will be a next season for the series, but they have also confirmed that the cast and crew of the series have not started filming yet for the next season. This means that the release of the second series may be in 2020, but we can keep our fingers crossed for a date of release in the latter half of 2019.

The second season will dive into the story of the Mirzapur deeper. There is a possibility that Guddu will take revenge on Tripathi family for the death of his wife and his brother. But the entire plot of season two is still not decided as per Amazon.

As for the cast of the next season’s cast, it’s still not decided yet. The cast will most probably see the return of most of the characters other than the characters who died in the first season.

There is no trailer yet for the next season, but recently on 22nd February, Amazon officially released a short video marking the return of mirzapur.

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