Miraculous Ladybug Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Update

It’s always huge news whenever one of your favorite shows ends up getting a renewal that you thought might never happen; this is the case with the Miraculous Ladybug. The second season of the show was inconsistent, and it showed a lack of quality. However, the season had its pros as well. It gave us an idea of the better story that might follow with the release of the third season.

The show made its debut all the way back in 2015, and it has come a long way actually. The third season of the series has been confirmed by the CEO of Zag Entertainment, Jeremy Zag. He has also revealed that the fourth and the fifth seasons of the show are already in works. The second installment of the series has 23 episodes, and it has been confirmed by Netflix the second part of season two will come out in December 2018.

The story of the show is described as follows —

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who is a shy high-school student, has inherited some magical ladybug-shaped earrings. These magical earrings grant the user a mysterious power, which allows them to transform into a powerful Guardian angel. However, there is a rule, by which one must abide by otherwise there would be dire consequences. The rule is that the earrings must be used only to help others. So, Marinette who has these earrings turns into LADYBUG, the guardian angel, whenever there is trouble around her.

Now swiftly moving to the cast of the new season. Here is the most likely cast for the third season—
Cristina Valenzuela as Ladybug
Bryce Papenbrook as Cat Noir
Carrie Keranen as Alya Césaire
Keith Silverstein as Hawk Moth
Mela Lee as Tikki
Max Mittelman as Plagg
Selah Victor as Chloé Bourgeois

The release date of the show hasn’t been confirmed yet. But, the new season is expected to come out in early 2019. We aren’t too sure but, it seems to be the likeliest time.

That’s all for now; we will be back with more news and updates on The Miraculous Ladybug. So, make sure to check our website.

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