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MIR4 Release Date: All About The Upcoming MMORPG

MIR4 Release date
MIR4 Release date

Fight, cooperate and earn money in a fantasy Japanese world with an NFT game. In sum, let’s talk about the MIR4 release date. Firstly, MIR4 is an MMORPG NFT game in which, at a certain level, you could even make some money when you exchange Dracos, the in-game currency. Secondly, this multi-platform game is totally free! You can get it on Steam as well as on mobile platforms. Thirdly, this is a very graphics-intensive game, so you will require a potent mobile device, but you could lower the graphics performance. But we’ll dig into that later.

MMORPG, although not tactically innovating much, has nevertheless gone a long way in the past four to five years. In the case of MIR4, the game was kind of stuck in development hell for a long time. Until they came out with the blockchain solution. Initially launched in South Korea in 2020 with a massive following, the game picked up in the west, and their developers decided to make a worldwide release on multi-platform, which we will share with you today.

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MIR4 release date

MIR4 was released by WeMade Co., Ltd on August 26, 2021 in 170 countries and in twelve different languages. It’s available for download on Steam and for Android and iOS. Firstly, this is a graphics-intensive game for mobile devices. In consequence, make sure your mobile phone can handle that kind of stress. But the game could be tweaked down with the demanding performance in the settings. Secondly, the developers implemented a series of changes during development that can earn you money as you play.

MIR4 allows play to earn

The MIR4 gameplay incorporates blockchain technology. In consequence, it allows for DRACO, a utility in-game currency token exchangeability for resources and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can employ to customize their game experience and characters. Moreover, the game allows in-game chat translation abilities so you can communicate seamlessly with players all over the world. It’s a novel and fresh approach to gaming. How cool is that? In the next section we will share more details with you about this game.

Character customization

MIR4 allows for top to bottom character customization. Firstly, you must choose one of the base characters and pick its face features, which are very realistic thanks to the quality of the graphics in the game. Secondly, you have to choose your main weapon and the kind of character. You get to pick your clothes. And as you progress through the game, your abilities get better upgrades. Initially, you will go through a tutorial phase to show you the ropes, but after that. You will be on your own, because this is a 3D game in which you need to move and explore your surroundings.

The interface allows for daily missions and quests. In sum, it’s your quintessential MMORPG. You will have a virtual pad to control your character’s movements with your left thumb, and you will have three buttons for attacks in the lower right part of your screen. You can also move the camera by sliding your fingers across the screen. In MIR4, you will do daily quests that will allow you to level up and improve your character. as well as access several quests for extra rewards, something that is worth your time because once you make it to level 40, you can play to earn money.

MIR4 release date

MIR4 release date

Play to Earn

MIR4 is an NFT game. Therefore, you can play to earn money thanks to DRACO, the in-game cryptocurrency token. Once you make it to level 40, you can start making some income with your plays. And you will spend less time doing so since it will be easier for you to get metals and materials which you will exchange at a merchant for these DRACO tokens. When you reach level 20, a new section in your menu called “Portal” will pop up where you can go to different XP rooms where you can level up more quickly and face tougher rivals who will grant you better rewards. At the time you get your hands on some DRACO tokens, you could exchange those at an external service like Wemix.

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