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What To Expect From Minkavlerne Season 2?

Minkavlerne Martin and Allan
Minkavlerne Season 2 is releasing on April 12 on TV 2 ZULU.

Minkavlerne season 2 is here and ready to tickle the ribs. The comedy series returns for its second season this April on TV 2 ZULU. This season is going to see the mink breeding family in Northern Jutland again. The ‘Mink Breeders’ are once again going to stand together to secure the farm and its future. In the first season, the family came and stood together when they accidentally kidnapped a man. The hilarity will once again ensue as the family does the same to save their farm.

Kasper Gross and Jonas Mogensen share the writing credits for the series. Collaborating with Jacob Tingleff and Mick Øgendahl, the duo also act in the series. They play Allan and Martin — two of the mink breeders’ sons. The series has a star-studded cast with great on-screen talents in the form of actors and comedians. Season 2 is going to have the cast reprise their roles. Also, some new additions are going to star in this season as well. Minkavlerne season 1 was an immense hit and one of the biggest fiction successes for TV 2 ZULU. It even bagged Kasper Gross and Jonas Mogensen the ZULU award for ‘TV series of the year.’ Consequently, it was a no-brainer for the executives to green-lit the second season.

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Who is Going to Appear in Season 2?

The cast for the second season of Minkavlerne is stacked with talented actors and hilarious comedians. Kasper Gross and Jonas Mogensen are going to reprise their roles of Martin and Allan respectively. Ruben Søltoft is gonna play Jakob and Anna Stockholm is going to reprise her role of Maria. Kirsten Lehfeldt is playing Gerda, Niels Hausgaard is playing Niller, and Frank Hvam is playing Per. Mick Øgendahl is gonna play René, Mia Lyhne is playing Thordis, and Bodil Jørgensen will play Sonja. Stina Mølgaard will play Mie, Lars Lilholt will play Claus, and Anders Grau is playing Svenning. Finally, Henrik Birch is playing Theis, Jesper Ole Feit Andersen as Lasse, and Tina Gylling Mortensen will play the character of Bettina.

Minkavlerne Season 2

Martin (left) and Allan (right) in the Minkavlerne series.

New Additions to the Cast

With the old cast reprising their role, there are also some notable new additions this season. Mia Lyhne is playing a village tosser, Thordis. She has believed for years that her husband, Torben-Træbens’ disappearance is the work of Martin and Allan. The rest of the city believes that her husband just ran away. She has been poking the local police for years to start an investigation. Consequently, the police have grown tired of her.

Bjarne Henriksen is going to play Jens Peter. He is Gerda and Niller’s neighbor and also a mink breeder. There is an arch-rivalry between Niller and him. For years they have been trying to outdo each other. But now the time has come for Jens to move away and close his farm for good.

Stine Mølgaard plays Mie, a sweet woman with an eight-year-old son. She has come to town to start afresh, after a tough life with her violent ex-boyfriend. She seeks a new life with an opportunity to work as a cashier.

Minkavlerne Season 2 Details You Need to Know About!

This season is going to see Gerda and Niller standing amidst a big financial problem. They are forced to come up with some solutions to stop their farm from being auctioned off. Jacob and Gerda find a buyer interested in buying the farm. The buyer wants to tear it down and build a wind farm. Niller, however, refuses this. He’s convinced that the buyers are aware of the Nazi hold buried beneath the farm and want to get it. Meanwhile, Martin also doesn’t want the farm to be sold off. He is hell-bent on saving his father’s life’s worth of work. To keep the farm secured, he discovers an opportunity in the local mill that requires a new manager. Martin intends to use the managerial position to alter the financial papers to gain profit. However, his plan is riddled with external issues.

Minkavlerne Release Date Cast And Plot Details

Gerda and Niller. Minkavlerne-2 (2021).

Martin’s plans are obstructed by his over-eager brother Allan. He wants to prove his worth but totally lacks an understanding of customer service. Also, the new cashier Mie is also an issue for Martin’s problem as she’s very keen on the finances of the business. To top all that, Thordis is also out to get revenge on the brothers. For years, she has believed that the brothers are behind her husband’s disappearance. As the city hails Martin for his work as the new utility distributor, she is more enraged than ever.

Minkavlerne Season 2 Release Date

Minkavlerne season 2 is going to have a total of 8 new episodes. Each episode will be 25 minutes long. Minkavlerne Season 2 is slated to release on April 11 on TV 2 Play and the next day on TV 2 ZULU.

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