Minecraft Movie Release Date Confirmed

There is a piece of huge news for the Minecraft fans, the Minecraft movie’s release date has now been confirmed. After the movie’s delay which was previously scheduled for 2019 release now, the movie is going to be released on 04 March 2022. This might mean we’ll get to experience a few mixed emotions from the fans regarding the movie.

They will certainly be happy that the release date of the movie has been confirmed but they will certainly be sad as it is more than two years away still. Mujong apologies for the movie being too far away but says that the movie making is a complicated project for them. Mujong has partnered with Warner Bros. to produce this new Minecraft movie.

Mujong has emphasized on the fact that the movie will certainly have a very different storyline to that of the movie. They also said that they know how to please their gaming fans by listening to their reviews and improving. In a similar way, they think they know what exactly the fans want from this movie and they will be aiming to deliver that and much more in due time. Also, the synopsis of the movie has been released as here it is:

The movie will feature a story of a teenage girl who is set out on a journey along with her adventurer comrades. It further says that a malevolent Ender Dragon will set out destroying everything that comes in its way and thus this group of adventurers will have to save their beautiful. Even though the plot seems relatable to the actual game.

But as I said earlier, the producers sort of have assured their gaming fans who love the Minecraft game so much that the storyline is going to be indeed a bit different in a way that they would love it.

Minecraft Movie

The director of this movie project is Peter Sollett he has now replaced the previous director at the helm because of which seemingly the movie has been delayed from 2019 to 2022.

I personally am not a huge fan of Minecraft, but this movie project does seem very interesting. If Mujong and Warner Bros. are able to bring the magic and essence to the big screen, it is just not enough to appeal to a larger audience and especially to the people who are not huge fans of the video game.

So, in order to achieve this and appeal even to those sections of the audience who have no idea whatsoever what Minecraft is, they need to come up with an awesome story. So, let us hope it is a good movie to behold.

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