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What To Expect From Mine Episode 9?

Mine Promotional Poster (Credits: tVN)

After Penthouse 1 and 2, comes Mine, another South Korean drama series about the mysterious life of the rich of South Korea. Starring Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Hyun Wook and Ok Ja Yeon in the main roles, this K-Drama contains an adequate dose of mystery, thriller and comedy. It is directed by the “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” director, Lee Na Jung. The story revolves around the life of strong women and their fight against society’s prejudices to find what is actually theirs. It also sheds light on all the skeletons that the rich and powerful usually keep buried in their closets. The drama had to fulfil a lot of expectations, since it replaced the super hit K-drama series, Vincenzo in terms of the time slot. Mine Episode 9 is the next in line to be released. 

The series premiered on the South Korean channel, tvN on 8th May 2021 and airs every Sunday and Saturday at 2100 KST which is 5:30 PM IST. It is also available internationally on the OTT platform, Netflix. In the beginning, Mine seemed like the same old repetitive story about the rich and their dark exploits. But it soon made its own identity, catching viewers seriously off-guard, and keeping us on the edge of our seats. I am sure, many of us can’t wait for more. Let’s dive into talking about when the Mine Episode 9 will be released, and also a bit about what all happened in the 8th episode!

(Credits: Netflix)

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Mine Korean Drama: Synopsis

Mine is a tale of a wealthy family, the legal owners of the successful Hyowon Group. Han (played by Jung Dong-Hwan) is the chairman of the Real Estate department. Jeong Seo-Hyeon and Seo Hee-Soo are his two daughters-in-law, and this is their story. Seo Hee-Soo used to be an actress, but she left everything behind to marry the 2nd son of the Hyo Won Group. She is constantly trying to be the model daughter-in-law. She is a perfectionist, and very confident. Jeong Seo-Hyeon is the first daughter-in-law. She is elegant, rational and herself a chaebol.

Still From Episode 1-2 (credits: tVN)

Both the women are incredibly ambitious and play like oppositions in a game of chess when it comes to their respective roles in their company. The K-drama leads us to a string of events that forces them to reveal their true identity, something which they can and have to call as entirely “Mine.” When Han undergoes a fatal heart attack and is in a coma, the family conflict ensues. That is when Kang Ja-Kyung comes in, as Han Ha-Joon’s tutor. And it seems, her motives aren’t exactly innocent.

Watch the trailer here:

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Mine Korean Drama: Episode 8 Recap and Spoilers

Some might say that the 8th episode was pretty much filler. But many would disagree. In my opinion, I would agree with the latter. If we look closely, we can see the storm brewing. The 8th episode was nothing but a calm before the storm hits.

Hi-Soo Disappears

The episode starts with Jin-Ho and Ji-Yong having a clash of opinion. While the latter states that he thought that Jin-Ho will be made the temporary president while Jin-Ho is sure that Ji-Yong has been made president only because he struck a deal to bring in Han Ha-Joon’s real mother. He blackmails Ji-Yong, threatening him that he will reveal all his secrets. Ji-Yong snaps back that if he wants to keep his seat, he will also keep quiet. On the other side, Mother has told Hi-Soo everything about her husband and the deal they struck, and this saddens Seo-Hyeon. Hi-Soo runs away from the house to clear her head. Ji-Yong is furious. He demands to know where his wife is. He threatens to kill Seo-Hyeon if she doesn’t tell him where she is, but she is unbothered.

A Still From the 8th Episode

So, Ji-Yong confronts their Mother. They get into a heated argument regarding broken promises and accusations. She denies all the accusations he flings at her. Unbeknownst to them, Seo-Hyeon has been eavesdropping on their whole conversation. In this episode, the evil nature of Han Ji-Yong is clear as day. What he wants, he has to get. When Hi-Soo returns, their greeting is cold.

Hi-Soo Returns:

In the midst of this, Jin-Ho accuses Seong-Tae of stealing the diamond and then blackmails him in order to make him spy on Ji-Yong. It is found that Ji-Yong is gay because he found many pictures of men on his cell phone. It is obviously a mistake since it is easily linkable to his illegal streetfighting passion. After dinner, Ji-Yong and Hi-Soo talk about the offer he received. Hi-Soo changes the topic and tells that she knows why he changed their son’s tutor so quick. But she also adds that she wants to start afresh. They go nursery shopping the next day. Soo-Hyuk finally makes his stand against the arranged marriage.

Episode 8 Still (Credits: tVN)

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Confrontation with Ja-Kyeong:

After the board meeting, Ji-Yong is devasted. He then drives to Kang Ja-Kyeong’s house and berates her. She begs for her son, and that’s when Hi-Soo walks in. Ja-Kyeong calls Ji-Yong an awful father. He gets angry and grabs her, but then Hi-Soo starts shouting hysterically, warning that she will murder anyone who tries to take what is hers. It then fast-forwards to a scene in future, Ha-Joon at a funeral. Then it flits to Hi-Soo covered in blood.

Mine K-Drama: Episode 9 Release Date and What Can We Expect?

Still From the 8th Episode

Expect more drama, more thrill. Be prepared to bite all your nails. Ji-Yong still doesn’t know of the miscarriage, and Soo-Hyuk’s stance might lead to dangerous repercussions. All the secrets are now out in the open. This is already war. The wait for Episode 9 will seem pretty long since it releases on Netflix on the 5th of June. The usual around when the subs are released on Netflix is around 8.30 PM IST or 3 PM GMT.

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