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What To Expect From Mine Episode 5?

Mine cast
Mine Cast

The plot of the drama Mine has been thickening and has fans on edge. Fans wait restlessly to watch the next episode unfold. In the latest episode, we saw Hee-Soo and Kang Ja Kyung heading towards a faceoff to keep what’s theirs. Everybody is counting every second to the Episode 5 release date of Mine. Although it is fairly new and does not have a strong male lead protagonist, this drama is reaching heights on the viewership chart.

Mine or 마인 is an ongoing South Korean television drama that was first broadcasted on May 8, 2021. Furthermore, new episodes of the drama Mine are released every Saturday and Sunday. Along with powerful dialogues, the drama uses art pieces as symbolism to showcase what each character is going through. Praises are lining up at the doors of Baek Mi Kyung’s doors, who is the writer of this amazing drama. Moreover, her other works include Strong Women Do Bong Soon and The Lady Of Dignity.

The drama takes us inside the lives of the filthy rich family that owns the mega-company Hyowon Group. Additionally, the drama is known as Blue Diamond. It focuses on the two daughters-in-law of the Hyowon group. When cracks start appearing in their picture-perfect lives, these two women will have to find their true ”Mine”. In this article, we will be telling you what to expect and the release date of the drama ‘Mine’, so that you don’t miss out on any details of this magnificently mysterious drama.

Mine Episode 5: What to Expect

As we head to episode 5 of the drama, viewers are sure that there is a bigger secret behind every character. Stepping into this drama, most of the regular Kdrama fans knew that there is going to be an extra-marital affair included. But this drama is not a typical high society K-drama where the mistress is a damsel in distress. Furthermore, it focuses on two strong-headed women who fight the prejudices thrown at them to keep what is truly theirs. Before we break down the Episode 5 preview, let us quickly recap what happened in the previous episode.

Quick Recap of Episode 4

Mine episode 5 release date

Mine cr: Netflix

Mine Episode 4 had us biting our nails. Things are moving quickly south for Hee-Soo. An overstepping Kang Ja Kyung reaches Ji-won’s house and slaps her mother. In a rage, Ji-won’s mother calls Hee Soo and tells her what Kang Ja Kyung did. Although Hee Soo tries to calm Ji Won’s mother, she does not relent and wants  Kang Ja Kyung to beg on her knees. Even though Hee Soo does not like Kang Ja Kyung, she says that she will never let her worker get humiliated like that. This really shows Hee Soo’s earnest nature.

The incident makes Hee Soo more suspicious of Kang Ja Kyung, and she orders a background check. At the Cadenza, grandmother has found out that Kim Yu Yeon had slept in Soo Hyuk’s room and slapped her. The only one on Kim Yu Yeon’s side is Hee Soo but even she can’t save her from getting fired.

Instead of apologizing to Ji Won’s mother Kang Ja Kyung threatens to expose her. In anger, she lets it slip that Ji Hoon is her son. This episode confirms that Kang Ja Kyung, the tutor, is Ha Joon’s biological mother. Jeong Seo Hyun gets to know that there is something fishy between Han Ji Yong and Kang Ja Kyung.

Hidden Chaos At The Art Exhibition

Mine Episode 5

Mine cr: Netflix

At the exhibition to showcase the art pieces of kids with autism which Hee Soo arranged things are fishy. Mother Emma recognizes Kang Ja Kyung and figures out that her real name. Meanwhile, Kang Ja Kyung and Han Ji Yong have a makeout session, and Hee Soo almost catches them but is stopped by Mother Emma. Mother Emma is hiding something, and fans are sure about it.

Soo Hyuk apologizes to Kim Yu Yeon and brings her back. Hee Soo fires Kang Ja Kyung. What she finds weirder is the way her husband and son react. She discovers that Kang Ja Kyung is Ha Joon’s biological mother and asks her not to leave. Jeong Seo Hyun asks Mother the real identity of Kang Ja Kyung.

Mine: Episode 5 Preview

Mine kdrama episode 5

Mine cr: tvN

Fans cannot wait for Episode 5. Although they are confused as to why Hee Soo asked Kang Ja Kyung not to leave. But it won’t be a drama if it does not leave you at a painful cliffhanger. In the preview, we see quite a few scenes of a distressed Hee Soo. While Jeong Seo Hyun regrets hiring Kim Yu Yeon, Hee Soo is regretting bringing Kang Ja Kyung. As Hee Soo has always been honest and outspoken, she confronts Han Ji Yong without beating around the bush. The preview also hints that an affair is not the only thing Han Ji Yong is hiding. The news of Hee Soo not being Ha Joon’s real mother will probably be out. Mine is full of mysteries, and let’s see what the next episode has in store for us.

Mine Episode 5 Release Date

The ongoing Kdrama Mine had premiered its first episode on May 8. It took the spot of the highly popular drama, Vincenzo, at the 9 PM KST time slot. The drama is being loved by fans both in Korea and globally. New episodes of Mine are released each week on Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM KST on tvN, which is 7 AM according to Central Time. Mine Episode 5 will be released this week on Saturday i.e. 22nd May and the next part will be released on 23 May which is a Sunday.  For international viewers, the episodes are available on Netflix with English subtitles around the same time. Make sure to tune in to watch the magnificent mystery in Mine unfold.

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