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Mine Episode 3: Release Date & Spoilers

Netflix Mine episode 3

Mine is a South Korean drama series directed by Lee Na-jung. It stars Lee Na-jung, Lee Hyun-wook, and Ok Ja Yeon in the leading roles. The show revolves around the wealthy family that owns Hyowon Group. Han (Jung Dong-hwan) is the chairman of the real estate development firm. However, the show focuses on his two daughters-in-law, Jeong Seo-hyeon and Seo Hee-soo. The daughters-in-law are ambitious and play major roles in the company as well. The series follows them as they try to find their true identities. Also, there two other women who are trying to have the daughter-in-laws’ affluent lives for themselves. After Han receives a heart attack and goes falls into a coma, a power struggle between the family member ensues. Meanwhile, the characters are prying, lusting, and scheming at each other. Before we look at the Mine episode 3 release date, let’s check out some details about the show.

The series premiered on tvN on May 8, 2021, for people in South Korea. For the international audience, it is available on Netflix. Known as Ganja: Ma-in in Korean, it’s also called Blue Diamond. The series is a primetime soap drama with a thrilling mystery involving an opulent dysfunctional family. The creator credits go to Kim Jae Hyun (for tvN) and Kim Young-gyu (for Studio Dragon). Dalpalan has composed the music for the series. Baek Mi-kyeong handles the writing. Lee Jin Seok and Shin Ye-ji are the producers while Kim Geon-hong serves as the executive producer.

Mine K-Drama Plot Synopsis

A Still From Mine (tVN)

Who plays who in the Show?

Kim Seo-hyung plays the first daughter-in-law of Han, Jeong Seo-hyeon. She is also the director of Seohyun gallery. Lee Bo-young stars as Seo Hee-soo, the second daughter-in-law in the Hyowon household. She is a former top actress. Ok Ja-yeon stars Kang Ja-kyung, Han Ha-joon’s tutor. Lee Hyun-wook plays Han Ji-yong, husband of Hee-soo. Park Hyuk-kwon plays Han Jin-ho, the eldest son and Jeong Seo-hyeon’s husband. Cha Hak-yeon plays Han Soo-hyeok, Seo-hyeon’s stepson. Jung Hyun-joon plays Han Ha-joon, Hee-soo’s stepson. Jung Yi-seo plays Kim Yoo-yeon, the new housemaid at Cadenza. Park Won-sook plays the mother-in-law of Jeong Seo-hyeon and Seo Hee-soo, Yang Soon-hye. Jung Dong-hwan plays Han, chairman of the Hyowon group and patriarch of the Han household. Kim Hye-hwa plays Han Jin-hee, Han’s only daughter. Yoon Seon-ah plays another housemaid at Cadenza, Hwan Gyeong-hye. Park Sung-yeon plays Butler Joo, responsible for the housekeeping at Cadenza.

Netflix Kdrama Mine season 1 cast

The cast of K-drama Mine. Credits: Netflix.

What to Expect from Episode 3?

So far, we’ve taken a look at the dysfunctionality of the Han family and the interjecting storylines. Different storylines involving different characters have unraveled and given us an idea of what to expect from hereon. It seems that we’re going to see a blooming romance between the maid Kim Yoo-yeon and Seo-hyeon’s stepson Han Soo-hyeok. He has been going to Yoo-yeon’s rooms to swap it with his room. The next episode might tell us why that is. The maid had told Soo-hyeok that it will be the last time she swaps her room with his, but it’ll likely continue. There must be a reason as to why Soo-hyeok sleeps on her bed instead of in his room. And there’s a high possibility and kind of inevitability of an affair between the two. However, another maid has witnessed this swapping and this will likely get Yoo-yeon in trouble.

Meanwhile, there’s suspicious tension between the tutor Kang Ja-kyung and Hee-soo. The quick but suspicious exchange of looks that they had, has to surely mean something. It appears as if Ja-kyung has some familiarity with the family. The end of episode 2 points to these tensions and suspicious developments rising even higher in episode 3. While we’re not going to get the explanation of the mysterious death in episode 1, secrets are about to unravel. The maid and the tutor have already triggered much suspicion as to what their background and intentions are. It will be interesting to see how his daughters-in-law confront and contend with these arrivals. So what is the release date for episode 3 of Mine? Read on!

Mine Episode 3 Release Date and Where to Watch?

The release date for Mine episode 3 is May 15, 2021, at 3 AM ET on Netflix. The episodes drop every Saturday and Sunday. With an average runtime of 60-70 minutes, there are going to be 16 episodes in total. If you live outside of South Korea, Netflix is your only option to watch the show.

Watch the trailer here;

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