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What To Expect From Mine Episode 12?

Mine Episode 12 Release Date and What to Expect
Mine cr: Netflix

Mine Episode 12 will be releasing soon, and fans cant wait. The South Korean television drama, Mine, is being praised by the viewers for being perfect. From the acting to the timing of the story, this drama is on point. Furthermore, Mine consists of 16 episodes, out of which ten episodes have already been released. As the story is nearing its climax, the wait for new episodes is becoming more and more painful. The last episode that was released i.e., Mine Episode 10, had a viewership rating of 9.4 percent. Which does not come as a shock to the viewers, because as I mentioned earlier, the show has been perfect so far.

Mine is a South Korean television drama that is broadcasted on tvN. The ongoing series has released ten episodes, and fans excitedly await Episode 11 and Episode 12 of Mine. Furthermore, the show is written by the talented Baek Mi Kyeong. The writer is known for writing stellar dramas that are not just successful but also very successful. Moreover, we got amazing dramas like Strong Women Do Bong Soon, The Lady In Dignity, and now Mine all thanks to her. Mine is mainly focused on two women who break free from the gold cage to fight prejudice and find their true happiness. The cast is headed by phenomenal actors like Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung. In this article, we will be talking about the release date of Mine Episode 12 and what fans can expect from it.

Mine: Episode 12 Release Date

Mine Episode 12 will be releasing on 13 June 2021. Furthermore, this will be the second episode that will be released in the coming week. This popular Korean drama releases two new episodes each week. Mine has a total of 16 episodes, and new episodes are released weekly on Saturday and Sunday. Some say that the show is doing so well because it is broadcasted on the weekends, but fans say otherwise. Mine has taken up Vncenzo’s slot on tvN.


Han Ji Yong from Mine cr: Netflix

The episodes are broadcasted at 9 pm according to Korean Standard Time which is 7:00 AM according to Central Time. This drama is highly popular among international viewers as well because it is available on Netflix. Furthermore, International viewers can watch the episodes soon after their release with English subtitles on Netflix. Episode 12 of Mine will be aired on tvN at 9:00 PM according to Korean Standard Time on Sunday, June 13th, while Episode 11 will be released on Saturday. Tune in to watch the strong women who fight off prejudice to find their ”Mine” on Saturday and Sunday.

What to Expect from Episode 12 of Mine?

We can expect Hi Soo, Seo Hyun, and Kang Ja Kyung to join hands and bring down Han Ji Yong together. This is a long-awaited moment as fans were disgusted by Han Ji Yong’s character. The character of Mother Emma is more than just a nun that provides counseling. Furthermore, the suspicions against Mother Emma reached an all-time high when the Chairman decided to make Han Ji Yong his heir after talking to her. Apart from that, she has a collection of designer bags which is odd.

Seo Hyun from Mine cr: Netflix

After Hi Soo recovers from a tragic loss, she is back and better than ever. Although she herself is going through such a hard time, she makes Ha Joon her priority. Fans are loving the characters even more. The bond between Seo Hyun and Hi Soo was strong before but has become even stronger now. What fans love about the series is that after discovering the truth, she does not uselessly hate Kang Ja Kyung. As Ji Yong has now become the chairman of Hyowon Group, it will be harder to defeat him.


Hyowon family dinner cr: Netflix

Furthermore, we see in the preview that the media is also being controlled by the company. Now that the Chairman is well and alive, things will probably change in the family. Moreover, we can also expect a change in Han Jin Hee’s character after she got scolded by Mother Emma. As secrets keep getting revealed every single second, fans are excited to see what they will discover in Mine episode 12.

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