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Mine Episode 1 Recap & Plot Summary

Mine episode 1 recap
Mine cr: Netflix

Mine is a thrilling kdrama that has got us hooked to it. It had released its first episode on May 8 and the second episode the following day. Although only two episodes have been released, the drama has grabbed everyone’s attention. The storyline is pretty thrilling and has already got the viewers on their toes. The characters’ personalities have been introduced quite nicely. Fans keep referencing the drama Penthouse. They say it seems to have plot twists like ‘Penthouse’ did. Moreover, they are happy to find a drama to pick up after Vincenzo. And they are loving the rich and the mysterious vibe coming from the drama.

The series will revolve around the lifestyles of rich people. And, it will also follow the women in the story to find their true ‘me’. It is believed the story will go around these two women- Seo Hee-Soo and Jeong Seo Hyun. Seo Hee Seo is a former top actress. She had given up her career to marry into a chaebol family. And the elegant and poised Seo Hyun. She is used to a rich lifestyle as she was raised in a chaebol family. Also, the drama will introduce two more ladies. And, these two are Ja Kyung and Yoo Yeon. Keep reading for the recap and take a look at the trailer f you want to.

The Trailer

Mine Episode 1 Recap

First, the episode had started in a pretty interesting way. The setting is pretty mysterious as it was a rainy day. A nun had come up breathlessly in the police station. She was telling them she had witnessed a murder.  Then, the scene shifts to a person falling to death. Then the drama rewinds back to 60 days before the incident. Looks like the drama is off to a great start!

The Entry Of A Maid And A Tutor

Mine kdrama episode 1 recap

women in Mine cr: Netflix

As already mentioned they were going to be two more important women in the drama. The first woman is the maid of the house Yoo Yeon. When the drama had reminded us back to 60 days before the incident we could see Nun Emma walking with Hee-Soo. Then, both of them find Yoo Yeon being chastised by men. Out of kindness, Hee-Soo gives her a job as a maid in their house. This happens while Ja Kyeong is being interviewed by Seo Hyun. Ja-Kyung was being interviewed for the job as the tutor of Han Joon. Han Joon is Hee Soo’s step-son. You see, both of the sons of the family had married twice as both of their wives had died.

The Dinner

Everyone had dressed quite regally for the occasion except for Hee-Soo. He Soo had worn a bright orange dress. Everyone except for the chairman looked uncomfortable. All of them had started eating and with the true rich way. Each of them had separate servers and the place had a pretty royal feeling to it. Everyone had been discussing and asking questions about Han Joon’s health, all of these questions were targeted at Hee-Soo. Maybe because she wasn’t the biological mother. Next, the chairman Han Suk Chul had stood up and was going to give a member of the family a blue diamond on a necklace. But suddenly, a server comes up to him and whispers something in his ear after which Han Su Chul had collapsed in shock. After which his heath had drastically turned towards the bad.

The Drastic Change In Their Lives

Also, Yoo Yeon had a lot of trouble going through the lives of rich people. She had gotten into terrible when she dropped a bottle of wine. To which, Jung Seo-Hyun’s mother had furiously reacted. She became pretty mad. But, Yoo Yeon had gotten away from it for now. Still, she made a mistake again. She had slept in the room of the first grandson of the family. However, the family’s first grandson Soo Hyuk wasn’t at home and she was there to clean the room as he was arriving that day. In summary, you could see how worrisome she is. She had also called Nun Wmma saying that these people were very weird. To which nun Emma had replied to by saying that she knows them very nicely.

On the other hand, Ja- Kyeong seems to enjoy a rich life. Ja- Kyeong seemed off from the start. She walked around the house as if it was hers. She had angered Hee Soo’s husband but Hee-Soo had forgiven her. But afterward, Hee-Soo had seen Ja- Kyeong wearing her bright orange dress. Still, she gave Ja-Kyeong another chance. Many people at this point are thinking why isn’t she fired yet.

The Entry Of  Soo Hyeok

Mine kdrama episode 1 recap

Mine cr: Netflix

Fans are expecting some chemistry between Yoo Yeon and Soo Hyeok. They had some type of eye contact when Yeo Yoon had been going downstairs after she had slept in his room. Also, at the lively dinner table when they were discussing Soo Hyeok’s supposed marriage suitor Soo Hyeok was distractedly looking for someone in the servants. It was pretty clear that he was looking for Yoo Yeon.

And, in the night when she couldn’t sleep Soo Hyeok had said that they could swap their bedrooms for the night. He had said that it will be fun.

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