Mina Ashido Facts from My Hero Academia That You May Not Know

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mina ashido facts
mina ashido facts

Mina Ashido is one of the supporting characters in My Hero Academia, and here we shall look into some facts about her. Well, every anime fan likes to know something about their favorite character, as we take an example, Mina Ashido. She is a fan-favorite character. Right? And she somewhat looks like a villain. Maybe she is, or maybe she is not. So you have to wait till the end of the article, so you know more about her.

Mina Ashido, this name is so popular that every shonen fan might have heard of it. This is because she is a character of one of the most viewed anime series, My Hero Academia. Mina Ashido is quite popular in comparison to some other major characters from My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia creator already knew how they could represent her in front of their audience. They did perfect justice when designing her. Her complexion is quite difficult to understand which side she belongs to, antagonist or protagonist. My Hero Academia is an anime that is based on the super abilities of humans, in short, non-human abilities which can be transferred from one generation to the next generation in the form of quirks. And the Quirk should be similar to their parental quirks. So almost all the main characters have Quirk except one. That is Izuku Midoriya, but don’t worry, peeps as we will stay on course and tell you about all the informative and interesting facts about Mina Ashido.

mina's facts
Mina Ashido | OtakuKart

More information about My Hero Academia

Kohei Horikoshi wrote and drew My Hero Academia, a Japanese superhuman manga series. The plot revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a youngster who was found lacking abilities (known as Quirks) in a society where they have grown normal, yet nevertheless wishes to be a superhero. All Might, Japan’s strongest Hero, recognizes Midoriya’s brilliance and picks him as his heir, sharing his Quirk with him and subsequently assisting him in enrolling in a prominent high school for superheroes in teaching.

Both the anime and manga versions have gotten a resoundingly favorable evaluation from reviewers and the public and are widely regarded as among the greatest of the decade, having won numerous honors, such as the 2019 Harvey Award for Best Manga. The manga had sold more than 50 million units around the globe as of April 2021.

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Mina Ashido Facts

So here are interesting and informative facts about Mina Ashido. As we know that she is a part of My Hero Academia and this anime series has a lot of characters with cool designs and awesome quirks. Every character is designed to be expressed a different aura around their colleagues. The same goes for Mina Ashido, she is designed to express her personality.

1. She is a Fan-favorite but the least represented character

Mina Ashido is one of the most fan-favorite characters from My Hero Academia, but she is not that much represented in the series. Why? Because the story revolves around Izuku Midoriya and how he developed from a quirk-less kid to the strongest kid. But she still got the main attraction and covered her role as much as she can like in some training-oriented sessions.

2. She has a Cheerful personality in the class

Mina Ashido is a cheerful personality in Class A1 at U.A. High School in My Hero Academia. She always cheers her friends whenever they feel sad. Mina, as a character, likes to cheer everyone even if there is a school-based competition or personal life problem. She always comes with a smile in front of people and likes to tease them, especially Minoru Mineta, but she cheers him up too, like the time when he felt like he has no more guts to pass the exam.

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3. A protagonist who looks like an antagonist

Mina Ashido is a protagonist in the anime series ‘My Hero Academia’. She is a minor character in a whole series, but she has the potential to shine more than other major characters like Ochaco Uraraka. Ochaco Uraraka is one of the major characters who is a friend of Mina Ashido. Her looks make everyone wonder how she became the protagonist? She does not look like a heroine who can protect people with the use of her powers. She looks more like a villain who can kill anyone with just one blow. But she is not a villain. She is a heroine in the anime.

mina's facts
Mina Ashido and Ochaco Uraraka | OtakuKart

4. A dancing superstar who no one can beat

Mina Ashido is not only a protagonist who has unnatural powers, but she also has the talent to show in front of the audience. Mina is an exceptional dancer, capable of performing break-dance maneuvers with hardly any struggle. She can also train an inexperienced performer to be a competent performer in a short period. Izuku Midoriya has stated that her dancing skills allow her to have good muscle coordination, which explains her rapid movements and capacity to attack in close combat. She is the superstar of the show who steals everyone’s heart with her dancing moves.

5. Her Superhero name is Pinky

Mina Ashido is quite an interesting character. Her skin color is not as same as normal beings. Her skin color is unnaturally pink, which makes her looks like an alien. When she joined U.A. High School, then U.A. High Teachers asked her to choose a hero name. So the hero name that she chose is ‘Pinky’ because that’s her color. She also carries a big hexagonal patch with the letter ‘P’.

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6. Are you in love?

Mina Ashido is a girl who likes to take an interest in others’ love life. She is a free spirit who is enthralled by other folk’s current relationships, to the limit of being comically eager and invasive about them. Mina likes to talk about romantic things to Ochaco Uraraka because she feels that Uraraka is in love with Midoriya. Her assumptions, on the other hand, are frequently unfounded, as she appears to accept every coupling as confirmation of a connection, irrespective of suitability.

mina ashido facts
Mina Ashido | OtakuKart

7. She is not the most Brilliant Student

Mina Ashido is far from a dull personality. But she is not a brilliant student in the class. Mina is one of the students whose academic grades are not that much impressive. She always struggles with her studies. But she’s one of Class 1-A’s very engaged and skilled members, and she employs one of the most sophisticated Quirks, which, considering the logistical concerns mentioned previously, needs a few skills, intelligence, and a sense of perspective to master. Mina was even able to educate a few of her group’s most unskilled participants on how to perform in time for the playoffs, a thing that only a skilled professional can accomplish.

8. She is an Acid Woman, who can produce acids

Mina Ashido and her powers are quite dissimilar according to other personalities. She looks more villain type who has a power of dark spirit or something like that but it is not true. Ashido has a unique power and with the help of this, she can produce acids from her body. Mina may envelop herself in a massive, fairly close structure that protects her from all attacks, thereby operating as a more evolved version of her Acid Veil. She has a protective method called “Acid Veil” that she uses in addition to the perplexing stuff she does with acid. Mina may use it to conjure gelatinous veils from either of her hands, helping her to shield against powerful attacks. Having the ability to generate strong, adjustable barriers like these is certainly quite helpful, particularly in a battle

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9. A battle queen, who fights for her comrades

Mina Ashido is a character who developed throughout the series of My Hero Academia. As one of the main characters, she fought with her friends against many villains of the series. She supported her teammates to fight against other teammates when joint training tests were happening. Mina is also a part of major battles to prove herself as a real Pro Hero. Sometimes it looks like she failed, but the fact is that she never failed whenever the opportunity was given to her.

10. She is against Bullying

Mina Ashido looks like a girl who can bully others. But the truth is different as we think, she is a girl who will never do things like that. She always supports others, so such types of things would never suit her. Mina is a brave woman who is thought to be a good fit for heroic roles. She used to oppose bullying in junior high and even tried to persuade several abusers to change their minds because of her optimistic and welcoming demeanor.

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mina ashido facts
Mina Ashido and Yuga Aoyama | OtakuKart

11. Ashido is an emotional girl

Mina Ashido is easily standing above as compared to other My Hero Academia characters’ when it comes to being supportive, free, and a lively spirit. But in reality, she is more emotional compared to other characters. She easily gets emotional when things go against her will, whenever she fights. She has proven to be a very important character who has all the emotions as a normal human being should have.

12. She got Full Marks for her Technique

Mina Ashido is not a bright student when it comes to studying (only one out of five marks). But she is one of the best students when it comes to fighting against others. She even got full marks for using her techniques during her academic exams. She performed like a Pro Hero who never loses. Mina’s way of using her techniques makes everyone wonder. An academic performer like her, who has abilities according to her techniques, makes the perfect match for her.

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13. She uses her acid quirk according to the opponent

Mina’s Quirk expertise and quick response time compensate for her lack of battle ability. Mina has shown that she understands how to use her Acid Quirk, deploying it to provide cover fire for her comrades and in many ways. Mina has complete control over her acid’s reactivity and fluidity. She keeps her Quirk from becoming harmful to most living things by reducing its volatility. Mina may also create a highly viscous acid by increasing fluidity and bonding it to surroundings, which acts as an insulator wall. She is believed to have difficulty dealing with human opponents due to her Quirk’s harmful toxic characteristics. Therefore she prefers to fight synthetic rivals.

14. Quickest Girl

Mina has the quickest responses of all the girl students in Class 1-A, and most of the total pupils in the class, in addition to excellent Quirk managing. She can simply avoid Yuga Aoyama’s powerful assaults and, subsequently, dissolve multiple high-speed projectiles hurled at her with accurate flicks.

mina ashido facts
Mina Ashido | OtakuKart

15. She wears Acid-proof Hero Dress

Ashido dons acid-proof footwear with pores in the bottoms that allow her to release acid from her foot. Because the toxic fluid does not harm the footwear, Mina may effortlessly utilizes them to skate around the surface while using her acid. Mina’s clothing is acid-proof as well. Thus she may hide in Acid without harming herself.

16. Her Early Phase Look was Different

Mina’s look in the early phases of the story arc was quite close to her finished state, except for her lankier proportions. Lengthier, extra complex antlers, conspicuously pointed teeth, bigger eyes, evident blushes on her face, and comparatively longer hair were also features of this style.

17. Ashido’s name describes her identity

Mina’s last name includes the kanji for “reed” and “door,” while her initial name includes the kanji for “three” and “apple tree.” Mina’s last name is practically a homonym of “poison” in Japanese. Her maiden name’s first kanji, “three,” can be interpreted as “san,” which is also the Japanese word for “poison.” Mina’s original superhero nickname, ‘Ridley Hero: Alien Queen,’ is a straight homage to Ellen Ripley from the film Alien, in which the eponymous monster is otherworldly with corrosive fluids.

Where can you watch My Hero Academia?

After knowing about Mina Ashido and My Hero Academia, you guys must be curious to know where you can watch all the seasons of My Hero Academia. Don’t worry, we will provide you with some sites where you can watch My Hero Academia, but you will have to subscribe to them before you watch the shows. My Hero Academia is available to watch on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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