Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters

Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters
Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading

The upcoming South Korean drama series “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has finally revealed everything about its character at the script reading. The said event took place recently, and with this new revelation, the K-Drama fans are going wild all over the globe. It is definitely true that this is one of the most anticipated dramas of this year, and everyone is eagerly waiting for it to hit the screens with its first episode.

Moreover, the drama series has already created a huge buzz on all the social media platforms, and it is good to see the tvN series getting both domestic and global attention. With recent updates about the series, the actors have gained enough spotlight and media attention. Many K-Drama enthusiasts out there are speculating that this upcoming military law drama is going to be a lovable watch to everyone.

With the script reading done, the show has reached a new stage in its production and release. And the days are getting closer to its release. Therefore, let’s have a quick look inside and know the characters of the show in a detailed structure.

Military Prosecutor Doberman: All About Its Characters

The director and writer of the show, Jin Chang Gyu and Yoon Hyun Ho, respectively, were present at the script reading along with the actors. Before beginning the script reading, Chang Gyu said that he was really happy to get a chance to work with such impressive people. And he is trying to create an exciting action drama for all the awaiting fans out there.

Ahn Bo Hyun as Do Bae Man

Ahn Bo Hyun is going to portray the role of Do Bae Man, who is a military prosecutor waiting eagerly for his retirement day. He talked about his character and commented that Bae Man is someone who has lost of tenacity and is a charming character who firmly follows the book. Moreover, he also mentioned that his character has both keen and clever sides with very deep emotional inside.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters
Ahn Bo Hyun

Talking further, he also said that he is really excited about the filming. With such a great script, many actors, the director, and staff members who are here for the script reading, he is feeling really ecstatic.

Jo Bo Ah as Cha Woo In

For playing the role of Cha Woo In, Jo Bo Ah has done some really great makeovers in her looks. She has cut her hair short for matching and portraying the vibe of her character perfectly. All in all, her new look is really stunning.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters
Jo Bo Ah

Cha Woo In is a military prosecutor who has entered into this profession to seek revenge. She is someone who is equipped with talented investigation skills, which makes her really unique.

In the script reading, Jo Bo Ah pointed out that her character can be put as someone with a very strong persona and intelligence. Woo In has a strong personality that is powerful, outspoken, and fearless.

Oh Yeon Soo as No Hwa Young

Yeon Soo is all set to play the role of No Hwa Young who is the first female division leader since the military establishment.

Oh Yeon Soo

Talking about her character, Yeon Soo pointed out qualities like Hwa Young’s tone, gaze, vibe, and bold charisma.

Kim Woo Seok as No Tae Nam

The third-generation chaebol No Tae Nam is being played by Kim Woo Seok. Tae Nam is the chairman of a leading conglomerate even though he is only in his late 20s.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters
Kim Woo Seok

He explained about his character with great keenness and attention that we can figure out that he has adapted perfectly to the same.

Kim Young Min as Young Moon Goo

Young Min is going to play the role of Yong Moon Goo, who is the director of Korea’s leading law firm and also a former prosecutor of special forces.

Kim Young Min

Being in the industry for a long time now, Young Min has perfectly synchronized his sharp gaze and personality with his character Moon Goo.

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Military Prosecutor Doberman: Details About the Show

The South Korean drama series “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is going to premiere on February 28, 2022, at 9:00 PM (KST).

It has a total of 16 episodes, and each has a running duration of 60 minutes. Being distributed by tvN, the show is going to release its new episodes every Monday and Tuesday.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Script Reading – Know About the Characters
Jo Bo Ah and Ahn Bo Young

Moreover, the show is going to portray the genres of military and law and follow the story of Do Bae man who has earned the position of a military prosecutor solely for money and fame. He is continuously looking forward to the days of retirement. On the other side Cha Woo In, the daughter of the chaebol family, has become a military prosecutor with a thirst for revenge in her mind.

All in all, it is going to be a rollercoaster ride for all the viewers out there. Therefore, mark your calendars down!

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