‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ New Teaser Gives A Look At The Upcoming K-drama!

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tvN is all set to release the upcoming military k-drama with an amazing star cast and story. ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ will be hitting the TV screen this month and tvN has released a new teaser for the show. The upcoming k-drama will be following two military prosecutors; Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In. While the only reason Do Bae Man has taken the job is the money and success. Cha Woo In on the other side has revenge on her mind. As the two become part of the same team, chaos is bound to happen. Helping each other throughout different cases, the two embark on a journey to become their better selves.

‘Itaewon Class’ and ‘Yumi’s Cell’ fame Ahn Bo Hyun will be taking over the lead role of Do Bae Man. While Jo Bo Ah will be making her return to the TV after the 2020 k-drama ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’. She will be playing the role of Cha Woo In. Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Young Min, Kim Woo Seok, and Jo Hye Won will be taking over the supporting cast too. Written by Yoon Hyun Ho, the scriptwriter is popular for law and romance dramas like ‘Lawless Lawyers’ and ‘Remember: War of the Son’.

'Military Prosecutor Doberman' New Teaser
‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ New Teaser

‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ New Teaser Gives A Look At The Characters…

The video teaser released by the production team gives an exciting look at the characters of ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’. All suited up in their military uniforms and complimented with a salute, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In make powerful entrances. And just after a look at the military prosecutors, the action takes over the screens. We see Cha Woo In putting on bright red lipstick and heels before taking down an enemy. Followed by Do Bae Man throwing a powerful right hook in the middle of a brawl. In the background, we hear Cha Woo In asking Prosecutor Do Bae Man to support and fight with her. And Do Bae Man’s response might melt some hopeless romantics out there. He asks her if she has already forgotten about him being her hunting dog.

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The teaser also asks a question, “Are you a prosecutor or a soldier?”,  that gives a look at the plot of the show. We also get glimpses of some other important characters in the story just after the question is asked. We see No Hwa Young who is the first female division leader since the military’s establishment. Along with Yong Moon Goo who is an ambitious lawyer, we see No Tae Nam who is the third-generation chaebol hence, chairman of a leading conglomerate despite only being in his late 20. As Cha Woo In says Military prosecutors are the only ones who can punish criminals in military uniform. Do Bae Man calls it the rank even higher than the law.

'Military Prosecutor Doberman' New Teaser
‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ New Teaser: Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In

The Actors Talk About Their Characters…

A few weeks ago, the actors came together for the reading session of ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’. As Do Bae Man joined the force for money and is waiting for the day he can permanently escape his military uniform. Ahn Bo Hyun is maintaining a keen and clever personality along with some hidden deep emotions for his character. According to the actor, Bae Man has a lot of tenacity. He is a charming character who firmly goes by the book with a knowledge of justice that he doesn’t like to show. Jo Bo Ah on the other side, portrayed Cha Woo In’s powerful gaze, dignified attitude, outspoken speech, and fearless courage. According to the actress, Woo In is a strong person who passes the bar exam with a goal and enters the military respectfully.

The producers of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” shared that actors’ chemistry is one of the best things in the k-drama. Asking fans to look forward to the characters’ individually fun, charming, and exciting stories, the production team and cast members hope that the fans like their work.

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