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Mieruko Chan Anime Adaptation Announced, Teaser Out

Mieruko Chan

What if you could see monsters but had no one to talk to about it? Enter Miko, the protagonist from Mieruko Chan who is the only one who can see monsters. The manga was written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi which started online with Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website. It first became available on the site in 2018. For the English version, it is licensed by Yen Press and has had up to 4 volumes as of this past September.

Mieruko Chan Manga Plot

Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan follows the story of a regular High School student Miko. Her life was perfectly fine until she suddenly starts seeing monsters for no apparent reason. This obviously terrifies her but she can do nothing about it. Moreover, she seems to be the only one who can see them.

In order to keep herself and her friend Hana safe, she comes up with a simple solution. Miko survives every day simply by ignoring the existence of these monsters. She acts as if she can’t see them and they’re not there. Frankly speaking, in the beginning, the manga has only panels and panels of Miko going places and these ugly twisted creatures being everywhere. They seem to stick to certain people too. The more ugly creatures stuck to a person, the more untrustworthy they are. That is the basic logic Miko comes up with. I

In one of the chapters, she comes across a good-looking man with a monstrous woman lurking around him. He obviously can’t see her but Miko can. The monster seems possessive of the man and decides to lurk around Miko trying to scare her when she catches her looking at him.

In another part, we see Hana and Miko give away a cat to a sturdy and scary-looking man who has his wife’s ghost attached to him. Her ghost is noble and good, looking over her husband unlike the grotesque creatures shown in the manga everywhere else.

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Mieruko Chan blends horror and comedy perfectly and is a great story and manga in general.

Mieruko Chan Anime Adaptation Release Announcement

Because of its great quality, we are not surprised an anime adaptation was announced on 18th March 2021.  The production of the adaptation will be under Passione, the studio responsible for the new version of Higurashi: When They Cry and countless other great anime. It will be directed by Yuki Okigawa who has previously worked on fan-favorite shows like Hunter x Hunter.

The script will be written by Ihara Kenta who has previously written for shows like the Vinland Saga and Death Parade. With this gritty writer behind the show, we are expecting some great storytelling straight from Izumi’s manga.

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And since the adaptation is coming soon, it was obvious for a teaser to be dropped as well. So far, the teaser doesn’t give much away. It looks like the plot aforementioned is being carried on in the teaser with Miko living her daily life. All until she suddenly starts seeing monsters on a rainy day. The teaser is fully narrated in a grim fashion, it looks like the comedy part has been left out. We hope to see more of that part of the manga in the anime as well.

Since Passione studios are behind this, we can expect some heavy focus on the horror part just like the teaser showcases.

What to expect?

Mieruko Chan can be a deeply disturbing experience. The creator has a knack for making stories that are extraordinary in an often twisted way. We know this because of her work on the controversial series Interspecies Reviewers. Having said that, the manga is still quite a treat for horror lovers. Especially those who enjoy graphic depictions of very twisted bodies and beings right out of nightmares.

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The series is being produced by Passione, they have had a good track record with the Higurashi remake. However, it does not come close to the original. Their animation style is smooth and flows well. Mix that up with the monsters from the manga and we can expect some pretty well-made horror scenes. The manga features a lot of jump scares and creepy moments which are disturbing to say the very least. So this anime is in no way for the weak-hearted.

Mieruko Chan

Having said that, it opens a new door for the Horror genre. Especially because the series has a female protagonist and a good one at that.

Are you looking forward to watching Mieruko Chan? Let us know in the comments.

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