Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth: How Much Does The Chef Earn?

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Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth
Michel Roux Jr.

What is Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth? Well, Michel Roux comes from a culinary family and is a highly valued and renowned chef in England. Although Roux has garnered wide publicity through various TV cooking shows, Roux is preferred in famous kitchens in Paris and London. Born with culinary skills from birth, Michel Roux Jr. has achieved culinary success and fame through television shows. On many of the cooking TV shows, the two-star Michelin chef MICHEL ROUX JR bestows his appearance, some of which include Master Chef and Saturday Kitchen Live. The Englishman has had an impressive career and has made a lot of money over the years. Cooking was his blood soul because his father and uncle had received three Michelin stars for one of their famous Le Gavroche.

The star chef also has a passion for sports and especially rugby. Stay with us to know all about Chef Roux Jr’s Net Worth, his wife, Giselle, as well as his daughter Emily Roux. Roux, which means the quality of French cuisine, defined Michel’s interest in traditional French haute cuisine. Michel Roux Jr. was born in England on 23 May 1960. The enthusiast of French-English cuisine Nouvelle has performed at Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. Apart from being a cook, Michel is also an avid athlete and ran the nineteenth marathon in 2013 to raise money for the VICTA charity to help blind children. Roux is also an honorary unit of the Harlequins Rugby Club. He served briefly in the French Army before moving to London in 1983 to work as a cook.

Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth:

What is Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth? Well, As the owner of one of the oldest influential restaurants, Michel has grown her business significantly. A small part of his net worth was earned by him before Le Gavroche. But this facility, along with other facilities, has generated a fortune of up to $85 million.

Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth
Michel Roux Jr.

With his net worth in 2016, surrounded by controversy, the Guardian reported that he paid his employees minimum wage, gave them less than 15 minutes of meal breaks and more than 65 hours of work per week. Michelle also owns a restaurant called Roux, which is located near St. James’s Park in central London.

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Michel Roux Career:

He spent his early years tasting the delicious food prepared by his father and mother. At the age of 16, he dropped out from his school. He did so to fulfill his dreams and become a master chef like his father. Michael Roux started his journey from Maitre Patissier in Paris. He had his greatest influence when he worked at Mionay near Lyon. During his military days, he served in the president’s kitchen at the Elysee Palace. He spent another year in Paris, then moved to London and then to Hong Kong for a short time. Roux returned to London and worked at Tante Claire before taking over the Le Gavroche, which was owned by his family in 1991.

Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth
Michel Roux Jr.

He has made subtle changes to the classic dishes on the menu and has since worked to refine and perfect them. Recently, his newest restaurant, named Roux, was opened in Parliament Square. He has hosted TV shows like Masterchef, Great British Food Revival, and others. Also, at Cactus Kitchens Cookery School, Roux had made his involvement in the Roux Experience courses along with Saturday Kitchen Executive producer named Amanda Ross. The school offers people the chance to learn how to cook in small, intimate groups. The lessons are taught by some of Britain’s best chefs, on-site through Saturday Kitchen Studios. In addition, Rux Jr. has published six cookbooks to date in which he shares his skills and techniques.

Michel Roux Wife & Daughter:

Michel is married to his wife, Giselle Roux, and together they were blessed with a daughter named Emily Roux. Currently, the couple is residing in London. The French descent, Giselle is currently a secretary at La Gavroche, working with her husband. She has also worked in restaurants. Michel lives with his wife and daughter. Albert Roux and Michel Roux founded this restaurant, which was later owned by Michel Jr. The daughter of Michel, following in her family’s footsteps, also runs her own restaurant in Notting Hill under the name Caractere. She works there with her husband, Diego Ferrari, a chef at Caractere but was previously a chef at La Gavroche. Emily graduated from Paul Bocuse of hotel and restaurant, running several culinary projects before starting her own business.

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