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Michael Rapaport Net Worth, Career & Earnings

The popular American actor and comedian named Michael Rapaport is known to everyone. From the very start of his career, he has appeared in more than sixty movies. He made his debut in the field of acting with the popular Television Sitcom named The War at Home. Other than that he also played a few roles in some popular sitcoms named Boston Public, Friends, Prison Break, Justified, Atypical, and The Big Bang Theory. Talking about his roles in the movies, he played different notable roles in many famous and blockbuster movies named True Romance which was released in 1993.

After a couple of years, he played a major notable role in the movie named Higher Learning which was released in 1995. Following that he played major notable roles in the movies named Metro premiered in 1997, Cop Land released in 1997, Deep Blue Sea premiered in 1999, The 6th Day released in 2000. Other than that the list of his movies also includes Dr. Dolittle 2 which was released in 2001. After a few years, he played a major role in the 2009 released movie named Big Fan. Later he also appeared in the movie named The Heart which was premiered in 2013. Apart from movie and sitcoms he also appeared in a documentary movie which was released in 2011 named Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest  

Childhood and Education

Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Young Michael Rapaport

Born on the 20th of March in 1970 was none other than but our very favorite actor named Michael David Rapaport, or as we may know him as Michael Rapaport. He was born in the beautiful city of New York that is New York City. His mother was by profession a radio personality in New York itself, named June Brody. His father was also a radio executive but he worked as a general manager for the popular company based on disco named WKTU Disco 92. He was not the only child of the family but has a brother whose name is Eric Rapaport. He also has a half-sister named Claudia Lonow who was from his father’s earlier marriage. But after a few years for some reason or the other, his parents parted their ways legally. The custody of Michael was given to his mother. After a few years, his mother got married to a popular comic person named Mark Lonow. He was the owner of the famous comedy club named The Improv. He shared the business with the popular Budd Friedman.

Talking about the home country of his family, they actually belong to Poland and Russia. They have their root in Ashkenazi Jewish. From the very childhood, he lived on the Upper East Side of the beautiful city named Manhattan. Talking about his high school, he was a student of a popular high school named Erasmus Hall High School. He attended high school in the 1980s but for some reason or the other was expelled from the school.  But shortly he came back and joined another high school named Martin Luther King High School which is in the city of  New York.

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Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Michael Rapaport as the Podcasts

In 1989 the 19-year-old boys shifted to Los Angeles that is in California. Unlike others, he began his career not on the small or big screen but with being a stand-up comedian. He with the help of his stepfather and also the owner of the comedy club named The Improv helped him to get some shows in the field of Stand-up comedy. Doing that for three years he developed a passion for acting. His first big launch was in the popular television series named China Beach. In that series, he played the role of the character named  Kravits.  Apart from this he also played a recrudescing role My Name Is Earl.

In this movie, he played the role of the character named Frank, who later reunited with another convict named Earl when they were in the prison. The role of his character was some way or the other became the reason for most of the thing happening in Earl’s life. With the success of this movie, he played the role of one of the main characters in the fourth season of the television series named Prison Break. In that series, he played the role of the character who was by profession a Homeland Security Agent named Don Self.

After a few years in 2008 in October, he declared that he was working as the director in the documentary movie based on a hip-hop act by the popular group A Tribe Called Quest. The movie was named Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest was released in the year 2011. The movie made a huge success in the box office and earned positive reviews as well. After some time, he made a guest appearance in the popular series of FX. He appeared in the fifth season of the series named Justified. In that series, he played the role of the character named Daryl Crowe Jr. who was the kingpin of the Crowe family. After a couple of years that is in 2010, on the 12th of February, Rapaport was in a game for the Celebrities. the show was named NBA All-Star Weekend. He became the MVP because of the defense of the popular football player named Terrell Owens. He also became the MVP in the other two games as well. He made a score of four points having a single rebound score.

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Following that in 2014 on the 17th of April, he worked as a director of the movie named 30 for 30. The movie was premiered at the popular film festival named Tribeca Film Festival. The movie revolved around the story of the championship-winning in the 1970s by the New York Knicks. The team was lead by the popular player Earl Monroe, Willis Reed, and Walt Frazier.  He also made his appearance as an occasional guest in the popular radio show aired on the Sirius Satellite Radio named Howard Stern Show. In that show, he participated as the staff of the fantasy football pool.

Other than being a wonderful actor he is also a host. He hosted the popular show named I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast. The show was aired on the popular radio channel named CBS Local, a radio network. In that show, he worked with his childhood friend named Gerald Moody. Not only does the list of his podcasts stops here but continues. He also used his voice in the podcasts named The Monday Morning Podcast. In that show, he appeared with Bill Burr. Other than that he was in the podcasts named Mailtime and Pardon My Take with the  Barstool Sports. The list of his podcasts also includes The Adam Carolla Show, The Fighter and the Kid, Unqualified, The Bill Simmons as well. Apart from this he also hosted podcasts named The Bs Report, The Chive Podcast, WTF with Marc Maroon, His & Hers Podcast,  Cari Champion’s Podcast, The Joey Boots Show, The Dirty Sports Podcast, and more.

In the following year in 2017 on the 19th of June Rapaport via his Twitter handle declared that he will become a part of the popular sports satire website named Barstool Sports. There he will be a part of the popular podcast named Pardon My Take. On the 18th  of February in 2018, showing the reason for firing him as the rude comment he made towards the fan base of Barstool Sports, he was fired from Barstool Sports. As per his current status, he is working as a reporter for the popular channel named Fox Sports. He covered the popular basketball league of the BIG3 which was organized by the Ice Cube. He also worked as the narrator of the popular WWE 365 series premiered on WWE Network.

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Net Worth

Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Being one of the popular directors as well as the notable American actor and comedian his net worth is somewhere estimated to be $12 million. 

Personal Life

Michael Rapaport Net Worth

Michael Rapaport Kebe Dunn

In the wake of his career that is in 2000, Rapaport married a popular writer and producer named Nichole Beattie. Within a few years, the couple became parents of two sons. But for some reason or the other, they parted their ways legally in 2007.  Having so much name and fame he earned the opportunity to write an article for the popular magazine named Jane. The article was about the eviction of the popular actress Natasha Lyonne from a property that he was about to rent during the time of heavy drug use on her part. But since then they coordinated and became friends.

After a few years that is in 2016, Rapaport tied the knot with his long girlfriend who was also a popular actress named Kebe Dunn. After a couple of years that is in 2018, in June at that time he was on the American Airlines flight when he was traveling from Houston to Los Angeles he stopped a passenger who was about to open an emergency door in the middle of the flight.

Harassment Charges

On the 18th of May in 1997, he was accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend named Lili Taylor. He was also charged with two counts of aggravated harassment. Later he was pleaded guilty to the charges put on him in the court and New York Supreme Court. There the popular lawyer Arlene Goldberg issued a protection order to restrict the actor from contacting Taylor. He also mandated that he should undergo counseling sessions.