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Men in Black International Review: Yet Another Disappointment

Men in Black International Review: Yet Another Disappointment

With sizzling chemistry on display between Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok, the duo is back for Men In Black: International. Tessa was seen in a movie delivering her performance which she managed to overmatch. Men in Black: International is not only missing Will Smith’s charisma but it has got nothing of it’s a prequel and none of its originality. Men in Black: international had ruined the blockbuster franchise for us.

The original 1997 Men In Black had its own era, where characters wore black suits with black sunglasses, but this sequel seems only a failed attempt of imitation of the original movie only bearing its brand name and is nothing like it. The leads in Men In Black: International, have already been seen together in Thor: Ragnarok. The duo has done justice to their respective roles but it’s only the movie script that had their talent go waste. Hemsworth played his role smoothly and he seemed to play the handsome Ner-do-well effortlessly while on the other hand, Thompson smoothly played the role of a sarcastic, quick-witted realist. However, the critics found that Hemsworth has more of James bond in him than the Men In Black Agents.

In short, the movie is nothing like what we expected it to be. Men in Black: International is all about loud and unnecessary noise and car chases in Paris, London and everywhere these agents go.

men in black International Reaction

The story has been made complex for no good reason, unnecessary involvement of a bogus alien war and something about energy manipulating twins and what not! The movie is all 114 minutes of unnecessary story details and to add spice to the lifeless boring script, a little action: cars being chased have been showcased so to distract viewers from thinking that they wasted their time and money on this lifeless piece of script.

We’re not alone to think that Men In Black: International has ruined the blockbuster franchise, but the majority of fans are all agitated and bashing out the movie makers over social media. However, there are still some people who argued that the movie was fun to watch while there were others who admitted that the movie was boring but had a couple of enjoyable scenes in it. Believe it or not but Men In Black has lost it’s magic with Men in Black: International as the final nail in the coffin. Do mention in comments your thoughts regarding this post.


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