‘Men In Black: International’ Filming Locations & Sets

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Where Is Men In Black: International Filmed?

In today’s world, there is a variety of content available on-demand. But as content lovers, many love movies which seem more of a saga than anything else. It is also the age of big-budget science-fiction movies because the technological advancements are pacing through the highs currently. So in the year 2019, Columbia Pictures and Tencent Pictures decide upon a humongous reboot of a franchise. That had started way back in 1997 when the technology was far behind what it is now. It was the MIB (Men In Black) franchise. Since Men in Black 3 did not get much of a reception in the year 2012, the makers thought they would reboot the franchise and insert some quirky and new-age concepts. So then it was announced that Men in Black: International will be made, which will add some brownie points to the franchise. While the was released a few years ago, there are many who are still curious as to where is ‘Men In Black: International’ filmed?

Men in Black: International was produced by Steven Spielberg and Barry Sonnenfeld and was directed by F.Gary Gray. The technical team was more or less the same as the previous movies in the franchise. But the crucial aspect of the previous movies, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, had been replaced by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Along with the leads, the list went on and on with Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson, Rafe Spall, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, Emma Thompson, and Liam Neeson. Just like the production team, everything else was kept similar to the previous editions. Initially, there was a humongous hype for this movie, and it was already named as a trendsetter before its release. Also, it was said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe duo Hemsworth and Thompson were going to set foot into another iconic world that would make their character duo iconic again.

Hemsworth and thompson
M (Tessa Thompson) and H (Chris Hemsworth)

Men In Black: International Plot

So all the previous three MIB movies had an immaculate performance by the leads and the supporting casts. And along with scenic action sequences, the humor acted as an add-on to the whole franchise. Men in Black: International, too, had a decent plot with Agent M joining the MIB services discovers that there will be an alien invasion soon. So, Molly, aka Agent M has to stop the invasion at any cause along with Agent H. But the twist in the tale is that they find out that there is a mole in the MIB services, who is reportedly the big bad himself/herself.

Agent M arriving in London.

So with a straight-cut plot and having a stellar cast, the movie was well on its course. But sadly, the movie did not do well to its expectations because of the poor reviews and near lack-luster approach. Sadly, the makers and cast members all realized that the audience is not quite ready for a reboot yet. And it had become tough for them to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones being replaced by Hemsworth and Thompson. The thin plot and not-so-funny humor did not add up to the franchise’s reboot film.

Where Is ‘Men In Black: International’ Filmed?

Men in Black: International had a terrible run in the theatres and was not received well by the fans and as well as the critiques. But there were certain areas where the movie did not let down: the locations and the cinematography. MIB movies are often known to be shot in peculiar and minimalistic locales. But the 2019 flick broke the monotony and made sure that the producers were spending dimes on the locations for a proper scaling in production. Since the demand and title shouted out loud that the MIB is going ‘International,’ then it was expected to be shot widely in foreign locations.

Where Is Men In Black: International Filmed?
The climax in Eiffel Tower, Paris

So the movie was primarily shot in the United States of America and Europe. So to be exact on the locations; Castello Aragonese, Ischia, Naples, Italy (Riza’s Island Castle), Merzouga desert, Marrakech and Tangier in Morocco, Ludgate Hill, St Paul’s Cathedral and Moorfields, London, UK, New York City, USA, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Also, most importantly, the MIB London Headquarters was shot in an exact location of The Black Friar Pub, 174 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4EG, United Kingdom (Pedestrian Entrance to MIB London).

Where Is Men In Black: International Filmed? - Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy

All these locations are well spread over the world and also well researched for the movie. All of them are full of welcoming locals and are camera-friendly locations, as many have already witnessed some of these locations in other flicks. Also, it was not difficult to zero in on these locations in particular. The makers, on the other hand, were very confident about the locations being utilized because of the authenticity of the script and aesthetic inclination of every location. Hence, the positive reception was well deserved when it comes to the production and cinematography.

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