Melancholia Episode 2: Release Date, Plot & Cast

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Someone has said it right that happiness is just around the corner. “Melancholia” episode 2 release date is announced. The drama is getting a lot of attention from Asian drama fans. This could be because of its unusual storyline. Mostly, we see people of the same age or of the same profession building a relationship. But in “Melancholia” the writer has given a fresh perspective. A story of two people from two different groups falling for each other. Also, the only common ground they have is their love for math. The trailer and preview of episode 1 have been released. To get information regarding this, stay tuned with Otakukart. Also, the other topics we will focus on in this article will be the plot of the drama and the cast members. So let’s get to it.

Before committing to the drama, you should know. “Melancholia” is a South Korean drama, and it will have 16 episodes. Also, each episode will be of 1hr 10mins. Moreover, the drama is a teen romance and portrays a relationship between two people of different age groups. When we saw the trailer, we couldn’t focus on the differences Ji Yoon-soo, and Baek Seung-Yoo had between them. Instead, their connection with each other was more interesting. The drama is directed by Kim Sang-Hyeon. He has worked on many amazing dramas like “True Beauty”, “Extraordinary You”, “The King in Love”, “Mama” and many more. Also, the actors have done an excellent job at bringing the characters to life. Now, let’s move on to “Melancholia” episode 2 release date.

Melancholia episode 2 release date
Melancholia episode 2 release date

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“Melancholia” Kdrama cast

The main leads of the drama are Im Soo-Jung and Lee Do-Hyun. Both of them play the roles of a math teacher and a math genius, respectively. Im Soo-Jung works at prestigious private Ahseong High School. Here she takes notice of ¬†Baek Seung-Yoo, who is consistently performing poorly in class. When she focused on helping him with his problems, life becomes difficult for her. Rumors of her having a relationship with a student ruin her reputation. Also, she ends up being fired from the school. Watch out for the “Melancholia” episode 2 release date to know more.

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The other supporting actors in the drama are Jeon Jin-ki, Jin Kyung, Woo Da-vi, Oh Hye-won, Choi Woo-sung, Yang Jo-ah, Kim Mi-hye, Lee Kang-ji, Lee Sang-jin, Son Jin-hwan, and Kim Ji-young. Even though supporting, all these actors play crucial parts in the drama.

“Melancholia” Episode 2 Release Date

The “Melancholia” episode 2 release date will be 11th November 2021. The preview for episode 2 has not been released yet. But based on the episode 1 preview, we can assume that the coming episodes will be power-packed. “Melancholia” is a story of math teacher Ji Yoon-soo, who thinks looking at the world through a lens of math is special. Whereas Baek Seung-Yoo is a math genius in high school. He has lost his way. And now he is ready to give up and thinks not all problems can be solved.

Melancholia streaming details
Melancholia streaming details

New episodes for this drama will be released every Wednesday and Thursday. So it is not a long wait after the “Melancholia” episode 1 premiered on the 10th November 2021. An interesting fact is the “Melancholia” drama was scheduled to be released on 3rd November 2021. But due to the filming site getting contaminated by COVID-19, the release was postponed. There is more information to cover on this drama. So stay with the “Melancholia” episode 2 release date article.

South Korean drama “Melancholia”- Streaming details.

Looking forward to a new show has never been this fun. After talking about when will “Melancholia,” episode 2 will be released. Let’s talk about where you can watch the drama on “Melancholia” episode 2 release date. The people living in South Korea will be able to watch “Melancholia” Kdrama from the comfort of their homes. As the drama will be released on the tvN network. It is the official broadcasting network in South Korea.

Melancholia (1)

As for international fans, they can watch this drama on the Rakuten Viki streaming website. Rakuten Viki is a very famous streaming platform among Asian drama fans. It provides a huge library of Asian dramas to watch. But people who wish to watch “Melancholia” on Viki will have to buy a subscription. The subscription packages are not very expensive. So you can choose a package of your preference and start watching your favorite dramas.

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