Melancholia Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

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November is going to be an amazing month. Many shows are going to premiere in this month. And one of these shows is going to “Melancholia”. A story of love and scandal between a student and a math teacher. The trailer, as well as the preview of the episode 1, has been released. In this article, we will cover “Melancholia” episode 1 release date. Also, we will focus on the preview of the “Melancholia” episode 1. This drama is directed by Kim Sang-hye and written by Kim Ji-woon. Moreover, fans will have a long journey with the show. “Melancholia” will have 16 episodes, with every episode being of approx. 70 minutes. Before getting to the release date, let’s talk about the story first.

The “Melancholia” drama starts with a scandal between a math teacher and her student. It is really tragic. As both of them belonged to a prestigious school, their life became very difficult. But faith has something else planned for them. Ji Yoon-soo and Baek Seung-yoo crossed paths after 4 years. And now they must reveal the truth. The truth behind the school’s corruption. Ahseong High School harbors many secrets. Also, Ji Yoon-soo must reveal the truth to regain her reputation as a teacher. Keep reading the article to not miss important details about the upcoming drama “Melancholia”.

Melancholia episode 1 release date
Melancholia episode 1 release date

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“Melancholia” episode 1 preview

The “Melancholia” episode 1 preview starts with Ji Yoon-soo asking Baek Seung-yoo if he likes mathematics. From here on, their relationship starts building. They are seen solving maths problems together in the classroom. Also, Ji Yoon-soo’s her heart is fluttering, but she is also scared. Moreover, she says she wants to see Baek Seung-Yoo’s real self. It is clear that both of them have feelings for each other. But their relationship is very unusual. Also, it is unacceptable by others.

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Because of this, when the word gets out, Baek Seung-yoo’s mother is furious. She slaps Ji Yoon-soo in her rage. This was all because Ji Yoon-soo couldn’t hide her feeling for her student. Furthermore, a case is filed against her. And she is interrogated for sleeping with Baek Seung-yoo. Baek Seung-yoo tries his best and promises to prove Ji Yoon-soo’s innocence. But all she wish is for him to be free.

Melancholia- Ji Yoon-soo
Melancholia- Ji Yoon-soo

The preview makes us feel emotions that we didn’t know we could feel. So we can say for sure that when this series premiers, we will get an amazing story with exceptional actors. Make sure not to miss the premiere. Also, keep reading to know “Melancholia” episode 1 release date.

“Melancholia” episode 1 release date

The Kim Sang-hye’s directed drama “Melancholia” has made quite a buzz among Asian drama fans. Also, people have become very excited since the announcement of the release date. The “Melancholia” episode 1 release date is 10th November 2021. The actors who are going to star as main leads in the upcoming drama are Im Soo-jun and Lee Do-Hyun. Also, the cast will have amazing supporting actors like Jeon Jin-ki, Jin Kyung, Woo Da-vi, Oh Hye-won, Choi Woo-sung, and many more.

Baek Seung-yoo- after 4 years
Baek Seung-yoo- after 4 years.

The trailer for “Melancholia” was released on 9th October 2021. And all the trailer did was give a hint of epic story that is on our way. In the trailer, Baek Seung-yoo is a math genius. But he is not able to solve problems anymore. So he believes that some problems cannot be solved. Whereas Ji Yoon-soo believes that the perspective of looking at the world through maths is special. And she does not like anything more than that. Finally, the trailer ends with Ji Yoon-soo and ¬†Baek Seung-yoo meeting.

Where can you watch this upcoming drama?

Once you know the answer to when and why it always comes down to where? Where can you watch “Melancholia” episode 1? Knowing “Melancholia” episode 1 release date is not enough. That’s why we will tell you where you can watch this upcoming drama. The original cable broadcaster of “Melancholia” is tvN network. So people living in South Korea can watch “Melancholia” on their television. Sadly, the channel is not streamed in other countries. But the international fans will also have the opportunity to be a part of “Melancholia” group. People living outside South Korea can watch the drama on Rakuten Viki. It is a streaming app where you will have to buy a subscription. Once you have made an account on Viki, just buy a subscription of your choice, and you are good to go.

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