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Meghan McCain Net Worth: How Rich is Senator John McCain’s Daughter?

meghan mccain net worth 2021
Meghan McCain

Not every public figure’s kid turns out to be a big figure. But, Meghan McCain proved to be one. Being the daughter of two famous personalities, she decided to make her image. Over the years, she worked hard enough to prove her worth. As a result, she owns her Wikipedia page. Likewise, every other site wants to publish her articles. Also, her leading magazine across the globe has asked for her interviews. What else would she demand now?

Meghan McCain is an American philanthropist and conservative columnist. Likewise, she is widely known as a television host. Meghan has worked with leading American channels like Fox News, ABC News, and MSNBC. For most of her life, Meghan has been a prominent figure. However, she rose to popularity in the year 1996. It was her first public appearance. It was the 1996 Republican National Convention. Since then, McCain’s fandom has increased. To date, she has achieved the major goals of her life. Yet, she dreams of going higher.

Meghan McCain Net Worth 2021

As a result, the famous author’s life has fallen under the radar of the media and the paparazzi. They are all curious about her works and ideologies. Likewise, the netizens are keen to look upon her earnings and belongings. As a professional columnist and a television host, Meghan would have earned a lot. Therefore, in this article, we will be talking about Meghan McCain’s net worth. Likewise, we will lift the curtains from some facts related to her career as well. Here’s what we know about the columnist.

Meghan McCain’s Net Worth

Meghan has never been deprived of luxuries. Being born in the house of a Senator was a blessing for her. However, she worked hard for her recognition. Meghan was enthusiastic to become a star. She wanted to achieve the goals on her own. Without her family’s help. Luckily, she succeeded. As a result, the 36-years-old television personality is the owner of a fortune. Yes, you heard it right. She has a massive amount of earnings. As of 2021, Meghan’s net worth is expected to be $10 million. This is indeed a huge amount. No doubt, Meghan’s popularity in her country and overseas have helped her earn a lot.

Meghan McCain Net Worth 2021

Meghan McCain

Likewise, she worked at one of the major television channels in the United States. Therefore, her salary during her work was pretty high. Likewise, while working on the show “The View”, Meghan was expected to receive $1 million for the episodes. She has been a successful author as well. All these things have given her massive support. Hence, we can say that Meghan’s earnings are still in their growing period.

More about Meghan McCain

Meghan was born on October 23, 1984. She hails from Phoenix, Arizona, the U.S. Her middle name is Marguerite. Moreover, she is the daughter of Senator John McCain. Her mother is a businesswoman named Cindy Hensley McCain. Meghan is the eldest of her three siblings. She completed her studies at the Columbia University. Meghan is a graduate of Arts History. Her initial dream was to become a music journalist. Likewise, she interned at Newsweek magazine as well. But things were planned differently for her.

Meghan McCain Net Worth 2021

Meghan with father John McCain

In the year 2007, Meghan started her blog. It was titled McCain Blogette. The blog focused on the details of John McCain’s presidential campaigns. Likewise, she talked about her interests in music and fashion. In the meantime, McCain changed her party registration. Until 2008, she was an independent supporter. However, she switched on to the Republicans to support her father. In 2009, she joined The Daily Beast. Her contributions to the American news website were commendable. Over the years, Meghan appeared on various television shows. They were ” Outnumbered”,  “The View”, and ” TakePart Live”.

conservative writer and commentator Ben Domenech

Meghan got married to conservative writer and commentator Ben Domenech.

Meghan got engaged in July 2017. Likewise, she married Ben Domenech in November the same year. She has a little girl “Liberty”. Meghan has written many books like “My Dad, John McCain”, and ” Black, Michael Ian”. On the other hand, she has received a few nominations also. Meghan was nominated for the 2014 GLAAD Media Award under “Outstanding Talk Show Episode”. Likewise, she got nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards in the year 2018, 2019, and 2020. However, she still needs to work a little harder to earn one.

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