Megalo Box Episode 6 Spoilers – Until The Last Dog Dies

There is no doubt that Joe’s fight with Aragaki will be a big turning point for Team Nowhere. This is especially for Coach Nanbu and his past. As the 17th ranked fighter in Megalonia, Aragaki is way beyond any opponent that Joe faced before. And on the top of that, he knows every bullet that Coach Nanbu has under his sleeves. Megalo Box Episode 6 is gonna be a heavy chapter.

Megalo Box Episode 6 Spoilers

The last episode is a good one because for the first time, Coach Nanbu’s backstory was revealed. Aragaki was his former student and his dog in Megalonia. Aragaki is the “former Joe”, he was Coach Nanbu’s bet to turn his life around, as well as also helping the young lad. All of these changed when Aragaki was reported to be killed in action. This broke Nanbu’s spirit, which made him forget about Megalonia and thrived on underground boxing.

Megal Box Episode 6 2

Before episode 5 ended, we saw Aragaki’s strength. With just one punch, he was able to make Joe’s face kiss the ground. The count has been started, and during the duration of the count, Aragaki is looking at Nanbu. The episode ended when the count reached “9”. The ultimate question now is, will this be Joe’s first ever defeat in Megalonia?

Team Nowhere’s problem is again traced back to Joe and Coach Nanbu’s relationship. Nanbu is afraid of Aragaki’s destructive power, he knows the kid too well as he taught him everything that he can teach to his first fighter. This old master-student relationship makes Nanbu doubt everything about Joe’s ability. There’s even no strategy in this fight.

Megalo Box Episode 6 1

Of course, the battle will not end in the first round. Joe will be able to stand before the end of the ten-second count. When the battle resumes, all his attacks are ineffective to Aragaki, and that is not really a surprising turn of events. Aragaki trained under Nanbu, he knows Joe’s move because it is also his moves. This is the reason why Nanbu is doubting him, because while he’s still sharpening Joe, Aragaki was polished beyond completion.

Megalo Box Episode 6 3

When Joe is on a really big disadvantage already, Coach Nanbu decided that he will conquer his attachment in the past. He will be ready to face Joe’s disadvantage. It seems like Megalo Box episode 6 will be focusing on this fight and the whole episode will be dedicated in the ring. Not that I’m complaining. Let’s see how Joe’s battle will turn up in the next episode.

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