Megalo Box Episode 4 – Let’s Dance With Death

Megalo Box Episode 4

Gaining an ally from the short skirmishes in the last episode, Joe heads to Megalonia to claw his way to the top. His fight against Potemkin earlier is a short but sweet match. Although the fight was a nice spar, he has a big problem that he needs to solve before his debut fight in Megalonia. He needs to find a gear because the Shirato prototype gear, as well as his own gear, was destroyed. Megalo Box episode 4 will show how Joe’s debut match will turn out in Megalonia.

Megalo Box Episode 4 Spoilers

Megalo Box episode 4

Joe’s first opponent is Shark Samejima, popularly known as “Man Eater”. This man is a dirty player, as shown on his records. According to Nanbu, 70% of his losses are because of losing because of disqualification. In short, his ring name “Man Eater” suits him because he just wants to beat people. And it just happens that he is also good at beating people up.

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If Joe manages to take this guy out, he will draw more attention to himself in Megalonia. Man Eater is being avoided for matchups because of his reputation. But this is not the case here as Joe is used to fighting in the underground. it seems like the Man Eater met his match.

However, the first impression for Joe in his debut match is lackluster. Spoilers say that Joe’s appearance will not be exactly spectacular. It is not stated whether he will have a gear or if he will have a gear that looks more rubbish than his older gear. But it is said that Man Eater is not impressed and it seems like he will be angered by Joe’s pathetic appearance. He will see this as a provocation and will proceed to break Joe into pulp.

Our dog is pretty confident in his skills, as seen in his training with Nanbu. He even tried to challenge the champion the first time they met. Although it would be anime logic that he will win the first match, it is still early to conclude that he will not suffer any hardship to win his first match. Although Nanbu seems to have a plan to defeat Man Eater, Joe will have a problem to execute it.

It is to be expected, as Megalonia is not the same thing as underground boxing. Potemkin from the last episode managed to take Joe by surprise. Man Eater Shark Shamejima looks like he has something under his sleeves. We will find out how this match will turn out in Megalo Box episode 4.

You cannot download Megalo Box Episode 4 but you can stream it on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.

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