Megalo Box Anime Review, Cast And Episode Guide

Megalo Box Episode 4

There have been a bunch of anime that are released recently including new seasons of much well-known anime like My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul etc, but today, I will recommend you one of the best show (in my opinion), Magalo Box. We have added our unbiased Megalo Box review, cast and episode guide.

Megalo Box Review

An anime reminiscent of the 90’s in 2018 will certainly catch your attention especially if you’re someone who’s a real cowboy bebop, Trigun or Berserk fanboy, I mean look at the MC ! the resemblance to Spikes Spiegel is uncanny Megalo Box Anime is basically a homage to ‘Tomorrow’s Joe’ an old-school boxing anime which I personally heard of after researching the Show.

However, Megalo Box isn’t just your generic Boxing Anime…its borrows elements from a wide array of shows and presents it together in a unique package which will surely blow you away…everything about the show is somehow nostalgic yet refreshing in a strange way, be it the art style, the Music or even Character Interactions.

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Right off the bat, the show is really symbolic, A story about an amateur boxer J.D a.k.a Junk Dog, who basically participates in fixed boxing matches in an underground ring in order to live. Now he’s tired of throwing all his matches and decides to take on a challenge that risks everything.

For a fan who watching Dragon ball super for the past few months and now is missing the show, Megalo Box is a must watch. Bloody and gritty fight scenes, The Direction (this is actually a directorial debut ) is really impressive and attention to details is phenomenal…it borrows aesthetics from all those old school animes and yet presents it in a NOT SO OLD way which actually is commendable.

Megalo Box JD and Yuri

The Music IS DOPE AF…if you enjoyed Samurai Champloo’s soundtracks, you’ll definitely in for a treat …3 episodes aired and so far the show definitely appears promising.

Megalo Box Cast

Character Voice ActorRole
JOEHosoya, YoshimasaMain/Protagonist
YUKIYasumoto, HirokiSupporting
SHIRATO, YUKIKOMori, NanakoSupporting
FUJIMAKIKinoshita, HiroyukiSupporting
NANBU, GANSAKUSaitou, ShirouSupporting
SACHIOMurase, MichiyoSupporting

Megalo Box Episode List Season 1

Episode 1 – Buy or Die? – Apr 06, 2018
Episode 2 – The Man Only Dies Once – Apr 13, 2018
Episode 3 – Gear is Dead – Apr 20, 2018
Episode 4 –  Let’s Dance With Death –  Apr 27, 2018
Episode 5 unknown – May 04, 2018
Episode 6 unknown
Episode 7 unknown
Episode 8 unknown
Episode 9 unknown
Episode 10 unknown
Episode 11 unknown
Episode 12 unknown
Episode 13 unknown

Megalo Box Teaser Trailer

You can stream ‘Megalo box’ on Crunchyroll, legal download for this show is not available yet.