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Meet The Spectacular Women of The Mother K-Drama Cast!

Mother K-drama Cast

The Mother K-drama Cast had incredibly portrayed the characters of the show and moved us with their powerful performances. Mother is a K-drama that keeps making you cry with each step. Each episode is full of adrenaline and ends with you hoping that things turn out for the characters. The leads of the K-drama are Kang Soo Jin, Hye Na, Lee Hye Young, Nam Hong Hee, and Shin Ja Young. Kang Soo Jin is a temporary elementary teacher at Hye Na’s school. She started noticing that Hye Na was being abused at her home, and once she found Hye Na in the trash, she decided she could not hold it in any longer.

Soo Jin took Hye Na and decided to raise Hye Na as her own daughter, far away from her abusive parents. The audience loved the beautiful cinematography of the K-drama. Not to forget how lovely yet sad this story about motherhood is. From the K-drama’s title ‘Mother,’ you might already realize what it stands for. The show perfectly shows how much a mother must sacrifice for their child and how the child’s upbringing affects their overall life. The viewers had especially loved the acting of the Mother K-drama cast. There are no words to describe their performance in the show. Without further ado, let us start getting to know the Mother K-drama cast!

Fun fact: Mother K-drama was nominated at the first Cannes Film Festival Awards for the Best Series Category

1. Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young is one of the most talented women in the Mother K-drama cast! We do have enough words to describe how talented she is. Acting as Seo Hee Soo (Mine), Jang Hye Sung (I Hear Your Voice), and Lee Seo Young (Lee Seo Young, My Daughter) has established her name in the acting industry. Lee Bo Young had started as a model for Asiana Airlines, which was just the beginning of her bright career. She had won the Best Actress Award in 2018 at the Seoul International Drama Awards for Mother.

Mother K-drama Cast

Lee Bo Young cr: J-Wide Company

2. Heo Yool

Heo Yool is undoubtedly one of the most beloved child actresses in the Korean acting industry. Not only is she really cute, but this little child also knows how to act. She can give us all acting lessons! She had been just nine years old when she was a part of the Mother K-drama cast and excelled in portraying the complex emotions of her character. Through Mother, Heo Yool won the Best New Actress Award at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards. Heo Yool went on to star as Kim Su Yeong in Sweet Home and in a film named The Closet. Heo Yool is now at the beginning of her teenage years, meaning that she is now thirteen years old.

Heo Yool cr: Eelrise

3. Lee Hye Young

Lee Hye Young is no doubt one of the most famous veteran actresses out there. She is the daughter of the celebrated film director Lee Man Hee. She was the most famous actress of the 1980s, and her works showcase that. For four years, she had taken a break from making K-dramas but returned this year with the K-drama Kill Heel as Ki Mo Ran. Some of her prominent works are Ticket, The Age Of Sucess, North Korean Paristan In South Korea, Fly High Run Far, Passage To Buddha, and No Blood No Tears.

Lee Hye Young cr: Blue Dragon Entertainment

4. Nam Gi Ae

Nam Gi Ae is the mother and grandmother of most of our favorite K-dramaland characters. She has starred in Doctor Lawyer, Thirty-Nine, Artificial City, The Red Sleeve, and Flower Of Evil. These are just some of the K-dramas where Nam Gi Ae starred as a very lovable character.

Nam Gi Ae cr: Ace Factory

5. Ko Sung Hee

The last main cast member of the Mother K-drama cast is Ko Sung Hee. She played the role of Hye Na’s abusive mother. Some of the K-dramas she has acted in are My Holo Love and Miss Ma, Nemesis.

Mother K-drama cast

Ko Sung Hee cr: MSteam Entertainment

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