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Meet The Siblings Of Red Velvet!

red velvet siblings
Red Velvet

It has been more than six years since the girls of Red Velvet made their debut under SM Entertainment. And with every day passing, the fandom is increasing. From debuting in 2014 as a four-member girl group to making their debut again in 2015 as a five-member girl group, Red Velvet has gone through a lot. Going through a lot of mixed reactions from the netizens, Irene, Wendy, Joy, Seulgi, and Yeri are finally having their hard work paid off. Entering the world of the ReVeluvs, it is bound for the fans to get curious about the girls. They want to know everything out there about the girls, from Red Velvet’s journey to about their siblings and family members.

With the girls being in limelight almost all the time, they haven’t really introduced their siblings in public so they won’t get swarmed every time they go out. But no matter how ruthless the k-pop stans are, the ReVeluvs have been very respectful towards the girls of Red Velvet and their families. Other than gushing about the girls, they’ve also respected the families’ privacy if they’ve ever come across them locally. So here is everything we know about the siblings of the girls of Red Velvet. 


Being the elder sister at home and the leader of Red Velvet explains why Irene feels like a mother to the rest of the group. Irene’s little sister has been a secret for many years now. And it wasn’t until a few years back when a few fans visited Irene’s parents’ restaurant and met her family there. Irene barely talks about her sister in public, hence there’s not much information about her available. According to the fans who have visited her parents’ restaurant in Daegu, they’ve told that her sister doesn’t look like her at all. Irene revealed that she’s more of her mother’s reflection while her sister is more like her father. Taller than Irene, her sister has beauty and charms of her own. Fans have been respective, too as they have not leaked any information about her family without their consent.


The Siblings of Red Velvet: Irene is the oldest sibling in the family and the oldest member in Red Velvet too.

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Being the youngest sibling in her house, Seulgi is the only member to have an older brother. Kang Ga Ram is three years older than Seulgi. Not being twins, the sibling’s look-alike a lot that even Wendy mistook them for twins the first time she met him. The two love to bicker a lot but despite all the fighting, Ga Ram and Seulgi love each other a lot. Being a private person, as of now, Ga Ram is not on any social media. Respecting his privacy, Seulgi barely posts about her brother or meets him in public. But she has been a great help to him at some moments. Revealing that he’s a big fan of Mamamoo, she called her brother when she joined Moonbyul’s ‘Studio Moon Night’. And even got him an autograph.

siblings of red velvet

The Siblings of Red Velvet: Seulgi and her older brother.

During the promotion of their single “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”, Seulgi also appeared in an episode of the variety show ‘Cool Kids’ and talked about her brother. As girl groups are quite popular among the soldiers serving their mandatory military enlistment. Her being a part of Red Velvet helped her brother a lot. During Red Velvet’s debut, her brother was serving his time in the military. He did become popular among the soldiers and had a bit of benefit through that status. Him being supportive of his sister, he also sent her a video of himself and his friends dancing to Red Velvet’s song ‘Happiness’ with mops on their heads.

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Another ‘Unnie’ in the group, Joy is the big protective sister to two of her younger siblings, Park Ji Yeong and Park Min Ji. Respecting their privacy, there are barely any pictures or information out there of her sisters. While one of her sisters is four years younger than her, the other’s age is still not known. As Joy left to become an idol, the sisters have grown to love each other. But things weren’t as happy between the sisters as they are now. The sisters love each other, but there have been times when they used to have huge fights when they were young over the things siblings do to each other all the time. In an episode of “Pajama Friends”,  Joy revealed that once in high school, she chased her siblings while crying.

Th Siblings of Red Velvet

The Siblings of Red Velvet: Joy has two younger sisters

Talking about the past event, Joy told that she had bought snacks as was supposed to go on a picnic the next day. But while she was sleeping, both her sisters ate the snacks. Getting to know about that, she ended up chasing after them and told them to buy again for her. Being it an everyday sibling moment, the fans laughed it off. Appearing in an episode of the variety show “Happy Together”, Joy also talked about how she feels that there is a generation gap between her and her sisters. As her sister follows trends more than her. Talking about her sister’s excess use of the word ‘dope’ and how she’s often at the loss of words talking to her teenage sister. Joy shared some funny moments.

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Being the main vocalist of Red Velvet, Shon Seung Wan aka Wendy, is the maknae at home. Her older sister Shon Seung Hee is three years older than her. Before becoming a trainee at SM, Wendy moved to Canada with her older sister to study abroad. And later moved to the United States to attend Shattuck-Saint Mary’s in Faribault. Both sisters were honor students and have earned various awards for academics and music-related activities. They even won the same education awards at the same school three years apart. Not much is known about Seung Hee other than that she’s settled in Canada.

Th Siblings of Red Velvet:

The Siblings of Red Velvet:: Wendy’s older sister with their parents

Living miles away from home since a young age, the sisters have been protective of each other. Back in school, Seung Hee used to make sure that Wendy is doing alright in academics and extracurricular. A few years ago, when Wendy got badly injured at the rehearsals, as down from almost nine feet tall. She ended up breaking her pelvis, fractured her wrist, cracked her cheekbones, and wired her jaw shut. Seung Hee flew all the way from Canada to take care of her sister during treatments. Upon hearing that her sister was coming, Wendy too made sure she doesn’t face any problem on her way home.

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Being the Maknae of the group, Yeri isn’t the Maknae at home. As the elder sibling in the house, Yeri is the big sister to three of her lovely little sisters. Kim Yoo Rim is a year younger than Yeri and leads a simple life with her family and friends. Kim Ye Eun is nine years younger than her, while her youngest sister Kim Chae Eun is twelve years younger. As much as Yerin loves her siblings, she respects their privacy as well and doesn’t post many pictures with her family on the internet. Back in 2018, Yeri appeared in an episode of the variety show “Secret Sister” along with actress Han Chae Young and talked about her siblings.

Siblings Of Red Velvet

The Siblings of Red Velvet: Yeri with one of her younger sisters.

Since she’s the oldest, her siblings are always running around and having fun in the chaos. As she talked about Chae Eun since they have the biggest age gap among all of them, Chae Young joked about it seeming more like an aunt and niece thing. Yeri also revealed how supportive her family is. And how both Ye Eun and Chae Eun keep tracking of all her group activities and promotions. Revealing that her sister knows her better than herself.

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